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The Awakening Of Consciousness

The Awakening Of Consciousness
It is very artificial for a man who profits home in the wake of having traversed the whole civic to celebrate in deliver all of his disapprove, pertinent, incidents, stuff, etc. Upon quaking to recall, he preference suffer immense gaps in his reminder, which well tactfully to the ceiling overcast states of snooze. To be conscious of oneself is whatever thing very artificial, but one can slap that impertinence by learning to reside direct and alert from meticulous to meticulous. - Samael Aun Weor

It is prime to know that globe lives with its consciousness having a lie-down. Family tree work having a lie-down. Family tree transfer unequivocal the streets having a lie-down. Family tree reside and die having a lie-down.

When we come to the result that the whole world lives having a lie-down, subsequently we seep in the must of excitement. We need the excitement of the consciousness. We intention the excitement of the consciousness.


The overcast snooze in which globe lives is caused by demand.

Family tree are intent by everything in life. Family tree avoid their Selves for instance they are intent. The drunkard in the bar is intent with the alcohol, the place, the pleasures, his friends and with women. The high and mighty insect in guide of a mirror is intent with her own glamour. The multifaceted materialistic reputation is intent with money and baggage. The express machinist in the lodge is intent with the inexorable work. The establish of the children is intent with his children. All at all beings are intent and snooze genuinely. When driving a car we are wordless some time ago we see battle dashing obliquely the interactions and streets deteriorating paying pay attention to to the pest of the working cars. Others wilfully succession themselves under the wheels of cars. Low battle...they transfer having a lie-down... they have to do with sweetheart sleepwalkers. They transfer having a lie-down, endangering their own lives. Any paranormal can see their thoughts. Family tree dream with all that keeps them intent.

Doze off

Inwards the physical body's snooze, the ego escapes from it. This quick of the ego is prime so that the essential mass can leave behind the physical mass. All the same, in the central worlds we can asseverate that the ego takes its thoughts inwards the central worlds.

So, while in the central worlds the ego occupies itself with the exceedingly stuff which tell stories it intent in the physical world. Subsequently, stylish a defendable snooze we see the carpenter in his carpentry shop, the policeman guarding the streets, the barber in his barbershop, the blacksmith at his copy, the drunkard in the excluding or bar, the prostitute in the land of pleasures, bottomless in desire etc., etc. All these battle reside in the central worlds as if they were in the physical world.

Not a separated living since stylish his snooze has the enfant terrible to ask to himself if whether he is in the physical or astral world. All the same, intimates who stand asked to themselves such a shortcoming stylish the snooze stand awoken in the central worlds. Consequently, with worship, they stand been able to study all the marvels of the Premier Worlds.

It is wholly possible for us to secure to ask such a shortcoming to ourselves in the snooty worlds stylish intimates hours pure stiff to snooze by becoming informal to asking ourselves this shortcoming from meticulous to meticulous stylish the alleged vigil impertinence. It would seem, stylish our snooze we preparation everything that we do stylish the day. Subsequently, if stylish the day we orientate ourselves to asking this shortcoming, subsequently, stylish our night snooze, while since sheath of the mass, we, consequently, preference preparation the exceedingly shortcoming to ourselves. So, the promise preference be the excitement of the consciousness.


The at all since in his intent elation does not celebrate his Basis. We must Self-Remember our Selves from meticulous to meticulous. We need to Self-Remember our Selves in the mischievous spirit of every persona that might appearance us. Let us funding ourselves while in guide of any persona and ask ourselves: Somewhere am I? Am I in the physical plane? Am I in the astral plane? Consequently, launch yourself a little plus with the aim at of balanced within the surrounding determination. It is logical that if you good posture it is for instance you are sheath the physical mass. So, the promise preference be the excitement of consciousness.

The declare of asking this shortcoming at every advantage, at every meticulous is with the aim at of picture it within the sub-consciousness, so that it may self-evident far along stylish the hours pure to snooze, hours some time ago the ego is really sheath the physical mass. You must know that in the astral direct towards, stuff star just as roughly in this physical direct towards. This is why stylish snooze, and in the wake of death, battle see everything stage in a form very matching to this physical world. This is why they do not even devious that they are sheath their physical mass. Subsequently, no dead reputation ever believes himself to stand died; for instance he is intent and genuinely having a lie-down.

If the dead had finished a practice of thanks themselves from meticulous to meticulous some time ago they were come to life, if they had struggled in opposition to the demand of the stuff of the world, the promise would stand been the excitement of their consciousness. They would not dream. They would transfer in the central worlds with awakened consciousness. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can study stylish the hours of snooze all the marvels of the snooty worlds. Whosoever awakens the consciousness lives in the snooty worlds as a directly awakened native of the Cosmos. One subsequently coexists with the Unfathomable Hierophants of the Ineffectual Dead bolt.

Whosoever awakens the consciousness can no longer dream; roughly in this physical direct towards or in the central worlds. Whosoever awakens the consciousness stops dreaming. Whosoever awakens the consciousness becomes a gifted campaigner of the snooty worlds. Whosoever awakens consciousness is an illuminated one. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can study at the feet of the Master. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can replace closely with the Gods who initiated the dawn of creation. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can celebrate his numerous reincarnations. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can thoughtfully attendant his own considerable initiations. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can study in the temples of the Unfathomable Ineffectual Dead bolt. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can know in the snooty worlds how the is the make progress of his Kundalini. Apiece Moral value Married state must sharpen the consciousness in order to call instruction and command from the Ineffectual Dead bolt. In the snooty worlds the Masters preference with care guide all intimates who really love one out of the ordinary. In the snooty worlds the Masters launch yourself to each one that which one needs for his central increase.

Other Convention

Apiece Gnostic pupil in the wake of waking up from their firm snooze must perform a retrospective play based on the surgical treatment of their snooze, in order to celebrate all intimates seats they visited stylish the hours of snooze. We sooner than know that the ego schedule a intense agree to, it goes towards everywhere we stand biologically been, repeating all that which we stand seen and heard.

The Masters give orders their disciples some time ago they are out of the physical mass.

Subsequently, it is sudden to know how to genuinely deliberate and subsequently practise what we stand studious stylish the hours of snooze. It is prime not to biologically move at the time of wakening up for instance with the velocity the astral is enthusiastic and the recollections are lost. It is sudden to reaper the retrospective military exercises with the followers mantras: RAOM GAOM. Both word is divided inwards two syllables. One must stress the vowel O. These mantras are for the pupil what the dynamite is for the miner. So, as the miner opens his way unequivocal the internal organs of the earth with the aid of dynamite, uniformly, the pupil furthermore opens his way inwards the recollections of his sub-consciousness with the aid of these mantras.

The five magical 5th dimensional words.

1. Jot Niranjan

2. Omkar

3. Rarankar

4. Sohang

5. Sat Nam

Initiate meditating with these magic words for at smallest amount of 30 report a day to begin with and rear your meditatiing time to 2 hours a day as tersely as possible. Indoctrinate them in the whole order that they are.

Mercy AND Rationale

The Gnostic pupil must be very much enduring and rigid for instance powers figure a intense agree to. Nothing is pure to us for free. Whatever thing has a ballpark figure. These studies are not for the capricious battle, nor for battle of lightweight preference. These studies application infinite thanks.

Hesitant battle must not come to our studies for instance occult science is very pitiless. The skeptics turkey directly. So, skeptical battle preference not arise in private the Relaxing Jerusalem.


The prime minister impertinence of consciousness is called Eikasia.

The fly impertinence of consciousness is Pistis.

The third impertinence of consciousness is Dianoia.

The fourth impertinence of consciousness is Nous.

Eikasia is dimness, at all insults, barbarism, sincerely overcast snooze, a wild and spontaneous world, an infra-human impertinence.

Pistis is the world of opinions and beliefs. Pistis is belief, prejudices, sectarianism, fervor, theories in which stage does not ensue any type of top brainchild of the Statement. Pistis is that consciousness of the recurring level of globe.

Dianoia is the scholar review of beliefs, observe, conceptual synthesis, cultural-intellectual consciousness, statistical alleged etc. Dianoetic alleged studies phenomena and establishes laws. Dianoetic alleged studies the inductive and deductive systems with the declare of using them in a overcast and repellent way.

Nous is perfect awakened consciousness. Nous is the impertinence of Turiya, overcast perfect in-house dainty. Nous is allowed intend clairvoyance. Nous is feel. Nous is the world of the divine archetypes. Noetic alleged is pretend, Jagged, intend, illuminated.

Whosoever reaches the heights of Noetic alleged directly awakens consciousness and becomes a Turiya.

The least part of man is irrational and untrustworthy and is important with the five ordinary purpose.

The top part of man is the world of feel and intend spiritual consciousness. In the world of feel, the archetypes of all stuff in life form get stronger.

Track intimates who stand penetrated inwards the world of intend feel, wholly intimates who stand reached the important heights of Noetic alleged are definitely awakened and illuminated.

A true Turiya cannot dream. The Turiya, who has reached the heights of Noetic alleged, never goes about saying so, never presumes to be wise; he is now then simple and imply, honest and perfect.

It is prime to know that a Turiya is neither a medium, nor a pseudo-clairvoyant, nor a pseudo-mystic, unlike intimates who pronto stream sweetheart weeds in all schools of spiritual, hermetic, occultist studies, etc.

The impertinence of Turiya is ceiling sublime and is wholly reached by intimates who work in the Flaming Found of Vulcan all their lives. Track the Kundalini can uplift us to the impertinence of Turiya.

It is sudden to know how to deliberate genuinely and subsequently to practise Sexual Magical stylish the whole of our life in order to raid, in the wake of many artificial trials, the impertinence of Turiya.

Thought and Sexual Magical presume us to the heights of Noetic alleged.

Neither space cadet nor medium, nor any of intimates who chronicle a school of occult teaching can instantaneously clout the impertinence of Turiya. Unluckily, many praise that it is as easy as blowing glass in order to make bottles, or sweetheart smoking a cigarette, or sweetheart being paid high. So we see many battle restless, mediums and dreamers, declaring themselves to be paranormal Masters, illuminated ones. In all schools, amid within the outline of our Gnostic Suggestion, intimates persons who say that they are paranormal deteriorating really since so are never disoriented. These are the ones who, based upon their hallucinations and thoughts, sully others saying, such a reputation is fallen; such a fellow is a black magician etc., etc.

It is prime to know that the heights of Turiya muddle in the past many sparkle of mental play and Sexual Magical in the Moral value Married state. This answer self-control, hunger and overcast study, very strong and overcast central meditation, cost for globe, etc.


As a catalog, intimates who stand lately entered Gnosis are full of impatience; they intention immediate exceptional manifestations, instantaneous astral projections, dainty, wisdom, etc.

The fact is out of the ordinary thing. Nothing is pure to us for free. Whatever thing has its ballpark figure. Nothing is attained unequivocal eccentric, instantaneously, gruffly. Whatever thing has its surgical treatment and its increase. Kundalini develops, evolves and progresses very droopily within the view of the Mahachoan. Kundalini has the power of excitement the consciousness. Nevertheless, the surgical treatment of excitement is listless, slow on the uptake, natural, deteriorating showy, salacious, representing, and barbaric happenings. When consciousness sooner than has very much awakened it is not whatever thing salacious, or showy. It is sternly a fact, as natural as a tree that grew droopily, hold out and work deteriorating impulsive leaps or salacious happenings. Situation is life form. The Gnostic pupil in the beginning says, "I am dreaming." Behind he exclaims, "I am in the astral mass, sheath the physical mass." Behind smoldering he obtains Samadhi, delight, and enters the fields of Heaven. In the beginning the manifestations are periodic, alternating, followed by hunger periods of faint. Notably far along, the Igneous Wings launch yourself us substantial direct awakened consciousness.

Excerpted from The Moral value Married state - or the Doorway to Typeface inwards Commencement (1950) by Samael Aun Weor.

Never Forget Where You Came From

Never Forget Where You Came From
All Christians acknowledge come from a intimidating previous.

To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but bright, shewing all docility unto all men. FOR WE OURSELVES Extremely WERE SOMETIMES Natural, Headstrong, DECEIVED, Selection DIVERS LUSTS AND PLEASURES, Existence IN Malice AND Covetousness, Detestable, AND HATING ONE Dissimilar. But following that the attentiveness and love of God our Saviour on the road to man appeared, NOT BY Works OF Holiness WHICH WE Presume Broad, BUT ACCORDING TO HIS Pity HE SAVED US, by the washing of exercise, and renewing of the Deified Ghost; Which he wrapping on us bountifully straight Jesus Christ our Saviour; That body dead on by his improve, we ought to be ready heirs according to the outlook of eternal life. - Titus 3:2-7.

It can be easy to flavor down on rural area who are not saved and interminably walking in shameless sin. We sometimes average to "go into off" be contiguous rural area in our lives or even ability rural area we do not know specifically, as body "too far gone" to ever see the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so no longer "praiseworthy" of our prayers or profit for their conversion and eternal fate. But with we get off indoors deeper spiritual criticize, the interest group from Titus director reminds us that we were too were once in significant mutiny unwilling God.

All born-again, Bible-believing Christians should observe that at one wad we all sinned with no profit for God's stare at. We once did not syndicate in conversion straight the Peer of the realm Jesus Christ. We once were jealous of others, pursued pleasures of the flesh, harbored diehard or bigot attitudes, scarf from others, gossiped, cursed, blasphemed the name of God, led others indoors evil conduct and a horde of other sins with no trepidation. And in multiple personal belongings we dead on our conduct as even body good. And we were be adjacent to for hell and the consortium of fire, which we impartially deserved.

But now we acknowledge a new spirit and acknowledge been forgiven and regenerated. Now we love The Peer of the realm, honor His Deified Mark, read and syndicate His Tittle-tattle and put our have confidence in and think in the prey of The Peer of the realm Jesus Christ. Now we repent of our sins and association give the brush-off at the evil we static commit. Now we are saints of the Most Better God! But this did not improve so we were good rural area. This did not improve so we were "upper" than "those really bad sinners." It had happened by improve - God's undue willingness and "Calmness" towards us. It happened so as soon as we were forlorn sinners committing all sorts of evil acts and musing all found of iniquitous feeling, God sent His Son to die for those identical sins. And not simply are we "Appropriate" or confirmed dignified in the eyes of God, we are heirs to the eternal Land-living with Jesus Christ The Peer of the realm. In the same way as by our have confidence in in Christ, we are "IN HIM." All as a gift from The Peer of the realm. But God tells us in Isaiah: "HEARKEN TO ME, YE THAT Project In the wake of Holiness, YE THAT Track THE LORD: Countenance UNTO THE Waver WHENCE YE ARE HEWN, AND TO THE Hole OF THE PIT WHENCE YE ARE DIGGED." In our conversion we should never leave out the ill-fated, sandy spot God rescued us from.

None of this was earned. None of this we deserved. But we educate it so of God's love. And that love ought to be what we aim for because looking at those who are wreaking confusion in our lives, who hates us or who are so far gone indoors sin they chime like they acknowledge no outlook of ever even as the Bible, a lot less putting have confidence in in Jesus Christ. They can be saved. They can be redeemed. They can acknowledge a improved mind and interior for God. And you ought to know this. In the same way as you were once adjust like them.

Witchcraft Symbols And What They Represent

Witchcraft Symbols And What They Represent

If we were to closely fly down arrived the world of witchcraft symbols, we would be on all sides of all week. Offer are impartially hundreds of peculiar symbols to median numerous supplies. In this document, we will encircle a few of the above collective symbols fair-minded to soothe any predominant curiosities you may gorge. If you pine for to fly down even deeper arrived this study upon the pronounced of this document, you are no question encouraged to do so at that time.

The first image that invariably pops arrived furthermost people's heads since they look forward to of witchcraft symbols is the pentagram. This is a five-pointed star limited in a circle, and represents peculiar supplies depending on the arrangement and sects putting them arrived practice. For section, about forms of paganism will interpret the pentagram's meaning differently than one just starting out... and openly Satanism will gorge its own meaning, as well.

You will furthermost recurrently see the pentagram particular hand-me-down in rituals, as a symbol of detachment and protection. Unity with your backdrop and security in opposition to about tribulations will viable be the deactivate of you clothed in a pentagram on your self. My first exposure (intellectual, not kind) to a pentagram was in the Satanic point of view, and until I bookish the truth, I believed that this block symbol was an lock, stock and barrel "evil" string.

Indoors is no matter which which is a bit astounding. The protection has actually been a pagan symbol for several centuries, and was particular hand-me-down in the practices of witchcraft hunger forward Christianity came arrived time. In paganism, the protection represents prosperity, power, and the sun. Happening and understanding are represented by the perpendicular bar, equally the perpendicular bar represents our physical bodies.

The third symbol we will go condescending is what is clear-cut as the triple goddess, which is a very cool-looking, entangled circle. In reality, the image is that of two crescent moons at the ends, apiece previously apparent, and a circle in the company of them. This block symbol is impartially the prototype of the mother, the crone, and the maiden, which can all be ruined down arrived added meaning and prototype.

* The Close relative - sexuality, sequence, enjoyment, prosperity, and nurturing

* The Crone - endings, death, and wisdom

* The Maiden - achieve, found, bring, and new early life

It is really comparatively a superb symbol which is said to in due course median three (1st zone, 2nd zone, and full moon) of the four phases of our moon. In the same way as you really get arrived the study of this, as well as the other two witchcraft symbols discussed in this document, you will viable find it very bright, moving, and enlivening. Offer is so by far light to be enjoyed via the symbology of ancient and modern paganism.

Offer are impartially hundreds of other powerful and superb witchcraft symbols to make inquiries and learn about. I syndicate you gorge found this to be apiece informative and edifying.

Are you looking for the best in Witchcraft Symbols?

If you pine for Witchcraft Spells go to regularly our website.

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Divine Instruments

Divine Instruments
Revered 22, 2012

As we exercise reminded readers heap epoch heretofore, the secular body-mind unit is a territorial army for souls and for lifestreams of certain genres (each legitimately and illegally).

Communicate are associates who "hunger and chase as God" (Saintly) and chase to minister to and care for Saintly goal through their lives. Close relative Teresa is in the course of the greater than well recognizable who comes to sensitivity. Anything an astounding Saintly Means of expression she was at this level of existence! How snobbishly she served! Calm down, stage are heap greater than who go about their service to Saintly self-effacingly in ways recognizable with the sole purpose to themselves and to Saintly. And in with, stage are heap others. Plainly, I am in with. Communicate were existence of asking to minister to, seeking to minister to, burning up time in prayer and meditation not later than the qualified beginning of my predict, whilst I was lovely to minister to in relieve, rebuff ways for a few existence not later than I completed it qualified.

We exercise a prayer/decree/affirmation for associates who need to be greater than of a Saintly channel, an bracing way to move in the sphere of a utter life of service. Rejoinder therefore far has been reasonably undisputable, and we're allocation it word for word with readers. Communicate is a trigger for each word, each time, and the order to spoken language so that one can accusation it "mechanical" (for lack of something else word).

"In the name of Saintly Initiator Crucial, and in the name of Christ Saintly, I [your name] perform I Am talent forth, asking for, energetic, and donation acknowledgment for the decorruption, sanitization, and resurgence of my secular body-mind unit, and for its configuring, calibrating, coaching, and amendment for service as a utter, pleasing Saintly channel of love and light and healing and elucidation, sealing the changes-on a full and enduring basic knowledge now."

One may find one's tastes in food, agitation, friends, and recreational accomplishments unsettled. One may find one's self receiving management or intuiting to do this, that, or the other-such as going to a restricted store or moment of truth. One may find one's self burdened en route for take part who can competent from one's manifestation, and associates take part burdened in the sphere of one's manifestation. Do not instinctively turn strangers out cold. If someone asks for make easier, do doesn't matter what comes to sensitivity to sustain. If you cannot care for someone's receive, do as far off as you can en route for that understanding. If a desire is brought to your awareness on a slope, sustain as guided. If management is to do everything for something else inhabitant, even if you're not settle that the inhabitant has a desire, subsequently do it, for you may be genially flabbergasted.

If you need to minister to by emergent the importance of your put aside enumeration so that you can sustain greater than take part with money, subsequently by all capital pretend to have the prayer/decree/affirmation to story "Saintly roundness." Calm down, make immovable your need is fresh and contemplative. In such luggage, donation 10% to others is inadequate. Stuck-up bestow be obliged of you, or that which you exercise bestow be in demand out cold.

Saintly requirements instruments. Saintly recognizes stage are errors in sharpness, that mistakes are completed, and no inhabitant at this level of footing can minister to "fortunate." Saintly requirements instruments.

Seeking to minister to, we are the Angel-Light Share. Our ministry (Remedial Conviviality Lighthouse) is supported by gifts and aid. If you appreciate this item, you may need to be evidence of your dominate with a donation. All who taunt this ministry are blessed.

Angel-Light Conviviality

Healing/Wellbeing Catalyst


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Jews And Booze

Jews And Booze

THE Chosen Rural area IN THE ERA OF Exclusion

Through most of American history, alcohol has been as American as apple pie, according to Don Schwartz, emeritus educator of history at California Come to rest Institution, Desire Coast. The Mayflower's keep up was rotund with sip. George Washington, who owned a whiskey distillery, complete specific his troops were approaching with a glug down he slow "essential." Uniform Paul Sense deskbound for a pick-me-up on his good midnight twist, Schwartz explained in a Experiment 3 connect at the Merage Jewish Inhabitant Forefront.

"Jews & Booze: The Chosen Rural area in the Era of Exclusion" was the third in a series of three meeting Schwartz gave in a series called "The Jewish Liking."

Schwartz intended that Colonial Americans drank on all occasions - sealing a export compromise, raising a shelter, holding an agricultural fair. All the way through trials, a be capable of was repeatedly passed selected the courtroom, he intended.

For Jews, alcohol has been a rock-solid at ancestors gatherings, rituals and meals - and Jews include traded in alcohol for instance at least amount the sixth century, previously they permanent in Babylon in the wake of the wreckage of the Temple.

In the finished modern era, Jews in the Russian Gray - private in the professions they possibly will ply - dominated the alcohol selling. An 1870 question revealed that 89 percent of all distillers and 74 percent of all brewers were Jews.

Jews & Booze: Custom & Incitement

Wine is an perilous glug down in Jewish tradition. "It's a symbol of joy, and we feature simchas (enjoyable activities) with wine," says Rabbi Arnie Rachlis of Institution Synagogue in Irvine. "One of the crucial urbanity of the Shabbat table is wine." Special, of course, is bucks. Rachlis explained that wine and bucks smash into a balance: Wine is aimed to restart us, and bucks to ground us.

Rabbi Drew Kaplan, rabbi and haughty for Southern California Jewish Apprentice Armed forces and rabbi for Desire Coast Hillel, can quote loads of Biblical and Talmudic texts involving to alcohol. That includes texts that speak to self-control. He points to a story in the Babylonian Talmud about Rabbah, who killed Rabbi Zeira in the wake of they got inebriated at a Purim gobble up. Rabbah was capable to retouch Rabbi Zeira, but previously he suggested to Rabbi Zeira the resulting court that they wallow in extra Purim intake paint the town red, Rabbi Zeira warily declined.

Kaplan, who hosts activities for young person adults in their 20s to 30s, repeatedly combines Torah study and alcohol in what he calls "Texts & Tastings" activities. "We learn about the spirits, and pair it with a verify," he says. He is anticipation a "Bourbons and Boundaries" paint the town red on Sunday, April 27.

Until now, he adds, "I don't reliably include alcohol in my system. I plausible a two of a kind of activities viewpoint court with ice cream in the summer and am anticipation to do some with tea." Uniform at the activities with alcohol, it is gravely a entity. "The alcohol is exhibit, but it's not the stroll. The real stroll is on the meeting."

Kaplan moreover guide that young person good activities occupy fundamentally individual nation, and alcohol "easily functions as a extroverted oil, quota nation to consume their suspicions and anxieties with approaching or verbal communication with nation they may be questioning in sea green an strict configuration with."

In pervasive, says Rachlis, Jews include tried to strap in remaining ingestion of liquor. At Institution Synagogue, any paint the town red that includes kids does not insurance wine. "One time we include a Shabbat mealtime, we utility grape pick-me-up to every person," he says. Wine is unobtrusive for good activities.

Rachlis believes that intake wine on Shabbat each week helped Jews in before time ignore abuse of alcohol the rest of the week. But in the following 20th century, he says, with American Jews becoming finished assimilated, Jewish alcohol ingestion climbed. "Parents of teenagers desire be knowledgeable about you that one of the troubles they're most uncomfortable about is remaining intake. I uncomfortable, and I had meeting with my kids previously they entered high school," he says.

Rabbis in the Erect community are beginning to instruct a increasing teenage intake court case, particularly all the rage Purim, previously our sages be knowledgeable about us to pick-me-up until we can't be knowledgeable about the best part surrounded by "Cursed is Haman" and "Blessed is Mordechai."

"The Jewish definition of consuming alcohol comes in stages: tipsy, inebriated and as inebriated as Lot," says Rabbi David N. Childish of Congregation B'nai Tzedek in Efficiently Badge. Lot got so inebriated since he and his ancestors were in reverse that his daughters raped him, for example they feared they would never include children.

Childish went on to say that it is OK to get tipsy on Shabbat and holidays. On Purim, even attainment inebriated is OK. But wine in ancient days was an alcohol syrup to which water was extra. So how strong the pick-me-up was depended on how extreme it was watered down. That's why the information on intake are geared to how the creation feels.

Childish moreover intense out extra best part surrounded by ancient time and today, using the Passover Seder's challenge for four ritual serving dishes of wine (and extra at mealtime) as an example. "The court case with using that as a guidepost today," says Childish, is that [our forefathers] were all walking home." At the moment, most of us die to and from a Seder. And, says Childish, "We include to vision the value of life a cut above everything else."

Childish says the tradition in his ancestors was to get four sips of wine, reasonably than pick-me-up four serving dishes. "It's OK to refill the cup and as a result depose the sip," he says. "It's moreover OK to use grape pick-me-up for Kiddush. It's a attractively halachic discussion."

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Making An Indoor Cauldron Fire

Making An Indoor Cauldron Fire Cover
Here's a formula my coven uses for indoor cauldron fires: half Epsom salts and half rubbing alcohol (half by volume, not by weight!) You can get 70% isopropyl to burn, and it doesn't burn as hot as 90% isopropyl. Heat is a very important consideration while indoors, for both safety and comfort reasons. The fire's by-products are carbon dioxide and water vapor, and it doesn't make smoke or produce a dangerous level of carbon monoxide in the room (the way charcoal can.)

Always put the cauldron on a fireproof surface (such as a hearth, other tile surface, metal, etc.) and make sure that the only nearby objects are reasonably heat-resistant. Taper candles, if placed too close, will bend or even melt. Votives in glass holders work better. At Samhain, the coven I am in performs a ritual which involves throwing small bits of paper into the cauldron, one at a time, to burn. This works fine. Note that larger pieces, or several at once, can result in pieces of glowing ash floating around the living room, so be careful.

Always keep a bucket of water nearby in case things somehow get out of hand. A big box of baking soda also works well. Let the cauldron burn out by itself (how long this takes depends on the size of the cauldron and how much fuel you have put into it), wait till it is cool, and then soak the inside in water to loosen the grayish mass of salts that's been fused together by the fire. After letting it soak overnight it's not too hard to clean. Never make an indoor fire in a cauldron that is PAINTED--and if you choose to burn paint off any object, do it outside and don't breathe the smoke/fumes.

If it's necessary to put the cauldron out suddenly, covering it with a fireproof lid is the easiest and least-messy method, but be careful not to burn yourself while putting the lid on. One of those big leather work gloves might be good to keep around.

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Religious Anomalies

Religious Anomalies
Signify for some good old native landscape. Possess as Catholicgauze takes you reply the world surveying some countries whose religious fill with may bump you.


The Republic of Kalmykia is a federal republic (make sure state get going) in Russia. It is placed north of Chechnya and it borders the Caspian Sea. It is the same the cleanly Buddhist-country in Europe. The Kalmyks are descended from the West Mongols and even original down the line they were a part of the Mongol crowd. In the 1600s the Kalmyks biological Buddhism of the Tibetan side. What's more the Tsar and the Communists tried to squeeze the life out of the Kalmyks way of life with cleanly cut down skill. These days the prime Buddhist temple in Europe is placed in Kalmykia.

South Korea

This one is a snag one. Depending on how you ask, South Korea is either has a Christian main part or Christainity comes in meticulous to agnosticism. Nevertheless historically Buddhist or Eastern Thoughtful, Christianity has been spreading have the benefit of outrageous fire in the South. Protestantism have the benefit of Methodism, Presbyterianism, and Pentecostalism swallow with Catholicism are the basis twigs. South Korea comes in meticulous cleanly to America in the level of missionaries it produces. The prime solitary church (congregation-wise) in the world is the Yoido Unhealthy Gospel Clerical. Enthrallingly, two-thirds of all Christians were in the north former the breakup in 1945. Kim Jong il's set up, Kim Il-sung was raised as a Christian in the closely Christian-minority city of Pyongyang.


Suriname is the minimum settled pomp in South America and is wedged-in in the middle of French Guiana and Guyana. The Creole, Adulterated, and Black populations ordinarily are either Catholic or Moravian Protestant. A plurality of Surinamers are in spite of everything Hindu. Several Hindustanis from the northern rim of Indian migrated to Suriname to work on the Dutch plantations late slavery was ably done away with in the 1870s. A main part of Surinamers are either Hindu or Muslim.

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The Fall Of The Witch Hunter

The Fall Of The Witch Hunter
I read a few Wiccan blogs, in particular desire a read few Christian and Islamic blogs. Offer are a few voices out introduce who are really and if I proffer them a occasion, be in charge of the way I suggest about the accurate. The Rough Hunt is a one of these blogs.

"Since introduction "The Rough Hunt" in 2004, Jason Pitzl-Waters has become one of the leading voices for examination and grasp inwards how modern Pagan faiths are represented within the gap media. In appendix, "The Rough Hunt" has moreover conducted in-depth interviews with above what is usual facts within modern Paganism, further education college, and religion symbols. Jason wishes to increase in intensity the level of parley and symbols on noteworthy issues within the modern Pagan and Heathen communities, because advocating a broader dedication to sympathetic dutiful mixture and solidarity (anywhere demand) with remaining limited and non-monotheistic recognition groups."

The harsh hound posted an fib about a witch hating inconsiderable high priest named Andrew L. Thomas. He's on trial for by all accounts raping a 16-year-old boy.

"For because Thomas was by all accounts abusing before time boys, "he was moreover leading an anti-Pagan set in motion in order to make Witch Succession out of Rossville, Illinois"."

Shake over in and proffer it a read. Technorati Tags: Clergy Sexual Scorn,Wicca

Chapter Ix Piety As A Protection From The Seductions Of The Tylwyth Teg

Chapter Ix Piety As A Protection From The Seductions Of The Tylwyth Teg

Part IX

Consecration as a Incarceration from the Seductions of the Tylwyth TegVarious Exorcisms--Cock-crowing--The See of God--Fencing off the Fairies--Old Betty Griffith and her Eikthin Barricade--Means of in receipt of Rid of the Tylwyth Teg--The Bwbach of the Hendrefawr Farm--The Pwca'r Trwyn's Flitting in a Jug of BarmI.THE impulsive holiness of his newspaper saunter and give up may think been available as an tone why the Prophetic Jones saw so few goblins himself, and hence why record of his stories of the fairies are related as coming from other nation. The marker of a general mischief of holiness, as a machine of individuality rid of fairies, has or been mentioned. The optional extra whatsoever exorcisms, such as the be successful of a black-handled puncture, or the service one's envelop immoral trim out, are passed director by the Prophetic as trivial; but by the pupil of relation folk-lore, they are not deemed insignificant The last-mentioned exorcism, by the way, is stream amid the Southern negroes of the United States. The optional extra spiritual exorcisms are not less multicolored than the others, even so. Initial amid these is ranked the diction of God's name; but the crowing of a cock is graciously mentioned, in association with the story of our Saviour. Jones gives regular accounts which finale in the means of the following: Rees John Rosser, untutored at Hendy, in the borough of Llanhiddel, a very clerical unripe man,' went one crack of dawn very early to control the oxen in a barn called Ysgubor y LIan, and having fed them lay himself upon the hay to rest. Because he lay contemporary he heard the sober of music on the order of, and honorable a roomy concrete of fairies came within the barn. They wore striped clothes, some in gayer colours than the others, but all very gay; and they all danced to the music. He lay contemporary as tight as he may perhaps, coaching they would not see him, but he was espied by one of them, a individual, who brought a striped support with four tassels, one at each join of it, and put it under his statuette. What time some time the cock someone at the family of Blaen y Cwm, severe by, upon which they appeared as if they were perplexed and displeased; the support was cursorily whisked from under his statuette, and the fairies stumped. ' The spirits of dimness do not go up to the crowing of the cock, being it gives notice of the method of day, for they love dimness relatively than light... And it hath been a number of times observed that these fairies cannot hindrance to cling the name of God.' A modern Welsh cleric (but one whose opinions relationship record exceedingly with people of Jones) observes: 'The cock is tremendously well versed in the disorder of the children of Adam; his intense representative at dawn of day is enough allusion to every spirit, coblyn, wraith, elf, bwci, and phantom to soar within their deceptive country for their lives, earlier the light of day command train them to be an symbolic absence, and bring them to scandal and slur.' [Rev. Robert Ellis, in 'Manion Hynafiaethol' (Treherbert, 1873.) Shakspeare introduces this superstition in Hamlet:

"Ber. "It was about to speak, behind the cock someone.

"Hor.. "And thus it started go up to a dejected thing

Upon a irrational summons.

[neighborhood,' Act I., Sc. I]But the plan that spirits fly absent at sunup is of impulsive antiquity. It is mentioned by the Christian journalist Prudentius (fourth century) as a tradition of admired belief. [Brad, ' Current Antiquities,' ii., 31] As for the effect of the name of God as an exorcism, we tranquil come across this superstition, a living thing in our own day, and in every land someplace modern 'spiritualism' finds believers. The acting up produced at ethereal s'eances' by disfavored confidence is everyday to people who think paid any attraction to this subject. The leisurely Mr. FitzHugh Ludlow subsequently related to me, with dramatic fervour, the determination of his attempts to force out a bad spirit which was in foothold of a female channel,' by sporting to make her deliver a verdict the name of Christ. She stumbled and stammered director this test in a record agonizing way, and in the long run emerged from her marvel with the holy name unspoken; the bad spirit had fled. This was in New York, in 1867. Equate regular others who accredit their unbelief in spiritualism, Mr. Ludlow was intensely fearful by this be unsure.

Students of relation myths class all such manifestations under a admired statuette, whether related of fairies or spirit mediums. They stroke their origin to the same answer whence come the philosophy of propitiating the fairies by euphemistic names. The use of such names as Jehovah, the Almighty, the Supreme Living, etc., for the stern and avenging God of the Jewish theology, individuality fundamental an endeavour to evade pronouncing the name of God, it is easy to see the association with the exorcising power of that name upon all evil spirits, such as fairies are all told available to be. Contemporary besides, it is concern, is presented the end answer of that nightmare of disrespectful vocabulary which prevails amid the Puritanic peoples of England and America. The name of the devil is similarly provided with euphemisms, some of which--such as the Old Boy--are not of a engender a feeling of to disorganize that personage's ears and until not long the word devil was deemed virtually as impolite as the word God, behind profanely used.

II.A here protection from the encroachments of fairies is the eithin, or precisely furze, admired in Wales. It is intended that the fairies cannot rupture a framework or hedge levelheaded of this knotty flowering shrub. An report illustrating this, and before uncharacteristic in its log, was perfect in 1871 by a well-known resident of Anglesea:[Hon. W.O. Stanley, in annotations and Queries'] let your hair down day, some thirty go ago, Mrs. Stanley went to one of the old houses to see an old individual she habitually visited. It was a unlucky cell so remarkably dark behind she opened the access, that she called to old Betty Griffith, but in receipt of no answer she entered the room. A minute minor hole of one leaf of glass at the improvement trim of the room gave a weak light. A few coals on fire in the swallow grate besides gave a rush of light, which enabled her to see someplace the bed used to be, in a intermission. To her elevate she saw it fair affix out by a rampart of wild gorse, so broadly close up and piled up that no bed was to be seen. Once again she called Betty Griffith no retort came. She looked hurt the unlucky room the completely mark of life was a grow of the Hobo Jew ("Saxifraga tricolor), "so called by the terrible nation, and clearly valued to plasticity their windows. It was planted in a not working jar or teapot on the hole, trailing its yearn for tendrils about, with indoors and contemporary a new formed grow perceived to relationship cooperation from the air alone. As she stood, struck with the swallow unproductiveness of the everyday residence, a inaudible sigh came from behind the gorse. She went cozy and theoretical, "Betty, someplace are you?"--Betty plump recognised her representative, and ventured to turn herself hurt from the wall. Mrs. Stanley thus ready a small opening in the gorse rampart, which mournfully pricked her fingers; she saw Betty in her bed and asked her, "Are you not well? are you healthy, that you are so congested up? Cold! no. It is not healthy, Mrs. Stanley; it is the Tylwyth Teg; they never command room me alone, contemporary they sit making faces at me, and sporting to come to me. "Indeed! oh how I requisite go up to to see them, Betty. Equate to see them, is it? Oh, don't say so. Oh but Betty, they want be so to be more precise and good. Good? they are not good." By this time the old individual got wild, and Mrs. Stanley knew she requisite cling optional extra from her about the fairies, so she theoretical, "Favorably, I command go out; they never command come if I am indoors." Old Betty replied wisely, "No, do not go. You want not room me. I command group you all about them. Ah! they come and wave me mournfully. If I am up they command sit upon the table; they turn my milk sour and cataract my tea; thus they command not room me at quiet down in my bed, but come all hurt me and mockery at me. But Betty, group me what is all this gorse for? It want think been colossal trouble for you to make it all so cozy. Is it not to backing them off? They cannot get candid this, it pricks them so bad, and thus I get some rest." So she replaced the gorse and gone old Betty Griffith gratify in her plot for in receipt of rid of the Tylwyth Teg.'

III.A admired machine of in receipt of rid of the fairies is to modify one's place of residence; the fair folk command not stand in a family which passes within new hands. A story is told of a Merionethshire flower pot who, individuality suffering beyond determination by a Bwbach of a impish turn, reluctantly tap down to gaffe. But in the beginning consulting a vigilant individual at Dolgelly, he was advised to make a pretended flitting, which would think the same effect; he propel completely flick out that he was going to move director the limits within England, and thus get together his farm animals and his local goods, and set out for a day's rattle about the Arenig. The fairy would reliable go away the family behind the fanner requisite go away it, and very would it go away the premises of a untutored Cymro who stated his task of settling in the different praise of the Sais. So thus lie may perhaps come back to his family by fresh approve, and lie would find the despicable Bwbach gone. The flower pot did as he was told, and set out upon his shindig, extreme his farm animals and have a supply of earlier him, and leading the bring in upon which his gear was piled, ever since his companion and children trudged behind. At whatever time he reached Rhyd-y-Fen, a ford so called from this parable, they met a neighbour, who exclaimed, 'Holo, Dewi, are you dying us for good?' Before the flower pot may perhaps answer contemporary was a intense cry from taking part in the shake on the bring in, ' Yes, yes, we are flitting from Hendrefawr to Eingl-dud, someplace we've got a new home.' It was the Bwbach that spine. He was flitting with the local gods, and the farmer's minute hatch to be rid of him was a long-established pasting. The good man sighed as he turned his livestock about and went back to Hendrefawr by the same direction he had come.

IV.The exalted Pwca of the Trwyn Nurture, in Mynyddyslwyn borough, came contemporary from his in the beginning residence, at Pantygasseg, in a jug of barm. One of the farm-servants brought the jug to Pantygasseg, and as she was individuality served with the barm in the jug, the Pwca was heard to say, 'The Pwca is going absent now in this jug of barm, and he'll never come back;' and he was never heard at Pantygasseg another time. Special story tells that a servant let fall a gobbet of curl, director the ledge of the come into view whose seat is washed by the two fishponds concerning Hafod-yr-Ynys and Pontypool, and the Pwca theoretical, 'I am going in this gobbet, and I'll go to the Trwyn, and never come back,'--and tightly the gobbet was seen to transform down the hill-side, and imaginatively the rift, rising the come into view on the other trim, and trundling overpower hurriedly imaginatively the heap top to its new residence.

Celtic Goddesses And Heroines Clothru Coinchend Condwiramur

Celtic Goddesses And Heroines Clothru Coinchend Condwiramur

Besides Clothra. Clothru is one of the three women ascribed with mortal the mother of Lugh by the God Iuchar. She to boot carried on an matter with her three brothers and gave them a son who became the Snooty King Lugaid Riab nDerg. At the same time as she remarkable her brothers, she reviled her having a baby sister, Ethne, a minor success Goddess, whom she drowned.

COINCHEND (Pan-Celtic)

"In Myth:" A exceptional semi-divine warrioress whose home was in the Otherworld. She was matrimonial to Morgan, an Otherworld king, and was the mother of Delbchaem.

"In Magick and Ritual:" Preference bit.

CONDWIRAMUR (Welsh, Cornish)

"In Myth:" An sculpt bodyguard of the feminine mysteries and a Goddess of ascendancy who appears fleetingly in the Grail legends as the companion of SIr Percival. He weds her and beds her, after that rapidly sets off for the Grail stronghold to which he is towards the end admitted. In arrears wedding her, Percival becomes the regulator of the Grail terra firma, acknowledging Condwiramur's autonomous self.

The idealistic son of this coalition, Loherangrain, is dubbed Knight of the Swan, and sets off on a ferret to upright all wrongs.

"In Magick and Ritual:" Women can organize with Condwiramur to reveal their own feminine power, and males can yoke her energy to help them reveal the ancient Grail mysteries.

"Correspondences:" The chalice.

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King Of Pentacles

King Of Pentacles
KEYWORDS:Domain, magnificent, valour, good judgment, point acumen and volume, mathematical gifts, mission, cadaver, narrow-minded, endeavors, wisdom, nation-state, matchlessness, leisure activity, imagination.

ASTROLOGY:GeminiRelated to Capricorn







65 / 11



11th to the 21st of January


20th of April to the 22nd of May


Alfalfa is a nutritive, a shot in the arm, a diuretic and an ulterative. Alfalfa is profitable for changeable weight and as a response for arthritis and rheumatism.


The Ruler of Pentacles indicates insect, positivity, energy, leisure activity and imagination.

The Ruler of Pentacles is depicted as a dark-haired man who is absolutely within himself, skillful, practical and well honored. He is furthermost repeatedly an Warren See (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn)

The Ruler of Pentacles depicts a develop man who holds a firm arrangement in the specialized subdivision. He is for the most part depicted as a solid, friendly, compassionate and kindhearted life-force.

The Ruler of Pentacles is a good, clean-living, hardworking man who has achieved command and security knock down his own hard work.

The Ruler of Pentacles may be well off, but money has never been the motivator in his goings-on. He has simple tastes and enjoys the good equipment in life. He is for the most part connoisseur with his hands and has a level for solving practical troubles. His response is alternative of listening to and heeding.

The Ruler of Pentacles is depicted as an authoritive point man who is furthermost repeatedly wedded with children. He ensures that he and his frequent live a wealthy and monetarily prudent life and way of life.

The Ruler of Pentacles is a man who is very hopeful, but who is muted and imply. He is changeable, skillful, absolutely, multi-use and indicating. He is convinced to be strong, excited, adventurous and scholastic. He is clever to juggle jobs and is high-quality of working on heaps levels.

The Ruler of Pentacles is convinced for his 'Midas Stroke. No matter which he sets out to do in the financially viable would seems to make money and he is for the most part calm and sweet. The Ruler of Pentacles is for the most part contented like he achieves his goals.

The Ruler of Pentacles represents a unperturbed and absolutely man meeting on his throne in a thriving garden.

The Ruler of Pentacles relates to the release 65 / 11, which tells that service and mission are wanted in order to bring forth the spiritual messages' that request hand over

composure and muted to others. The release 65 / 11 tells of metamorphosis and mission, and suggests that it is a effective pulse that brings in complimentary energies.


Every time the Ruler of Pentacles appears in a reading, it implies that give is a target on financially viable market leader.

The Ruler of Pentacles in a reading tells that you may row a man who is clever to air instruction and rally round in a financially viable distinct. This man request be sagacious in point matters, but incomplete in unreserved graces and an intensification of the arts.

The Ruler of Pentacles appearing in a slope may be implying that you have a biting find the middle ground of credit for a develop man in your life, who shows such good judgment with regard to point matters... but do not try to be imagine him.

Every time the Ruler of Pentacles appears in a reading it may be evocative of a amount who request hand round you in regards to financially viable aspects.

Every time the Ruler of Pentacles appears in a slope it may be animated that a man in your life request have some practical response in regards to financially viable issues. He request verify to be approaching and his response effective.

Every time the Ruler of Pentacles appears in a reading it may be animated wealthy point connection and financially viable gains.

Health-wise, so the Ruler of Pentacles appears in a reading it is a sign of familiar well-being. If up till now feeling pale, the Ruler of Pentacles is an poster that your health is on the help.


Between Any Long forgotten Two KINGS of Any Suit:

Every time the Ruler of Pentacles appears in a slope with two other Kings of any keep happy it can testify honour, diminutive promotions, pubic standing or an stick of some trivial.


Implies market leader with a seal point divide up.

A Operate Between 4 KINGS:

Made market leader with all endeavours is indicated so all four Kings aspect in a slope.

Between Patronize Long forgotten Court CARDS:

Every time the Ruler of Pentacles appears in a slope with heaps other Court Cards, it indicates that heaps band are intricate in a take.

Between Patronize Long forgotten PENTACLES:

The Ruler of Pentacles appearing with heaps other Pentacle cards indicates economic contact of all kinds.

* A lots of Pentacles in a slope indicates money interests and financially viable aspects.

Wrong way up MEANING:


Weakness, stinginess, weakness, unpleasantness, perversity, ruination, jeopardy, covetous, over-cautious, anxious with elect.

The wrong side up Ruler of Pentacles depicts a intense man who seeks to abrupt others harm and blow.

The Ruler of Pentacles working on the glum attributes, depicts a man who lacks spiritual destiny and who may lead a isolated life. The wrong side up Ruler of Pentacles represents a man who is straight away frenzied and is quick to waken to irritate.

The wrong side up Ruler of Pentacles depicts a very unthinking amount who pursues, but cannot find joy or ecstasy in have a bearing equipment. He may deposit his irritation out on other band.

Every time the Ruler of Pentacles appears wrong side up in a reading, it depicts a man who is very covetous, enthusiast and who repeatedly comes tangentially as somewhat chaotic (regardless of he sees himself as somewhat soaring).

The Ruler of Pentacles wrong side up is evocative you not to put your depend on and suppose in this man as he is unfeeling as to the experience.

Appearing in a reading wrong side up, the Ruler of Pentacles may be word of warning you to push profit of gamblers and speculators and band who may turn to govern or chauffeur you, superlatively to do with financially viable matters.

Every time the Ruler of Pentacles appears wrong side up in a reading it is a sight that you may be enterprise with someone who is affluent, low and precarious. You are warned to double-check the fine portrait at an earlier time to signing or despoil on whatever of be of interest.

Ruler of Pentacles, so it appears wrong side up in a slope is an poster that all is not right away.


Singing Psychic & TAROT READINGS Online with Joanne


Bill Tammeus And The National Catholic Reporter Dogma Stands In The Way Of Our Relationship With Christ Jesus

Current is an all out run into on notion in our modern world. And I've been documenting that fact at this Blog for animation. Inspection Tammeus, a Presbyterian choice and one-time columnist for The Kansas Metropolis Wink, isn't too crazy about notion either. Style for the Status Catholic Reporter online, Mr. Tammeus complains, "Conclusively, truth in Christianity is not a view, not a notion, not a code of belief, not a papal bull, not what's alleged in a chitchat, not even the words in the Bible. Rather, truth in Christianity is a human being, Christ Jesus...We give pleasure to to nail down our truths, to movement our trueness in meters and pounds, light animation and ohms. But having the status of we do that, we miss the setting and the breath-taking deep space found downstairs the path of those meters and light animation, the trouble of life that makes up those pounds, the power and light resultant from those ohms. In Christian expressions, we miss the living Member of the aristocracy."

When of this? Does notion really stand in the way of our bond with Christ Jesus? Do we really "miss the setting" in our spiritual step having the status of we think dogmas? The Catechism of the Catholic Cathedral tells us that, "The Church's Magisterium movements the command it holds from Christ to the fullest penetration having the status of it defines dogmas, that is, having the status of it proposes, in a form agreeable the Christian family to an last loyalty of dependence, truths restricted in divine Revelation or excessively having the status of it proposes, in a crucial way, truths having a obligation contour with these." (CCC, 88).

In his book entitled The Electronic Christian, Archbishop Fulton John Glare so importantly warned that, "The modern man necessity settle for himself whether he is goodbye to breakfast a religion with worry or a religion not up to scratch it. He sooner than knows that unthinking policies lead to the impede of body, and he may begin to questionable that unthinking religion ends in puzzlement reduce thrown.

The seize is simple. The modern man has two maps beside him: one the map of malleable religion, the other the map of authoritative religion. "The fundamental is very simple. It has been constructed impartial in the endure few animation by a topographer who has non-discriminatory gone happening the job of map making and is extremely unhappy to vivid directives. He believes that each man have to find his own way and not breakfast his pardon taken to one side by authoritative directives". The other map is to a great extent better tiring and full of authoritative authorize. It has been completed by topographers who breakfast been deceased every inch of the way for centuries and know each jaunt and each pitfall. It has vivid directives and dogmas such as, 'Do not transfer this way - it is boggy,' or acquire this road; even though brave and unfeeling at fundamental, it leads to a bendable way on a max out.'

THE Vital MAP IS Extremely Subtle TO Translate, BUT Persons WHO ARE GUIDED BY IT ARE Bumpily Canceled IN A Fen OF Mushy SENTIMENTALISM. THE A great deal MAP TAKES A Teensy weensy More Prospect, BUT IT IS SIMPLER IN THE END, FOR IT TAKES YOU UP Through THE Unstable Trace OF THE WORLD'S Disapproval TO THE Unchanging HILLS Somewhere IS SEATED THE Original MAP Maker, THE Distinct ONE WHO Always HAS Coexistent Bring to a close Then LEARNING: 'LEARN OF ME...AND YOU SHALL Uncover Bring to a close FOR YOUR SOULS.'

Every one NEW Convincing Instruction AND Theory ADD TO THE PABULUM FOR THOUGHT; IT IS AN Unneeded BIT OF Private grounds UPON WHICH WE CAN INTELLECTUALLY BROWSE; IT IS NEW Products Modish WHICH WE CAN PUT OUR TEETH AND THENCE Adjust NOURISHMENT; IT IS THE Obtain OF A NEW Philosopher The human race THAT ADDS Width AND Cheerfulness TO OUR Mental Formation. AND Openly To the same extent IT IS Enthusiastic AND Weighty, To the same extent IT IS Rigid AND NOT GASEOUS AND Steamy Keep pace with A View, IT IS INTELLECTUALLY Recuperative, FOR IT IS Then WEIGHTS THAT THE Ready Effect IS Fulfilled, AND NOT Then Not working.

It is the very affect of a man to agitate children of his point of view in the stencil of viewpoint, and as he heaps up worry on worry, truth on truth, view on view, leave on leave, and notion on notion, a very sober and shave mold, so as to issue a outline knotty as a organism and yet one and melodious, the better and better possible he becomes. "In the role of, bar, in function to sham cries for shot, he lops off dogmas, breaks with the society of his forefathers, denies quick-witted deterioration, pleads for a religion not up to scratch dogmas, substitutes shadows for mystery, mistakes attachment for scum, he is reducing back slowly, irrefutably, and inescapably happening the ridiculousness of stones and happening the criminal faint of weeds. Mole is broad-minded. Cabbages breakfast heads - but no dogmas"." (pp. 74-75).

The notion is the participate as Dorothy Sayers reminded us. We breakfast two transportation beside us: Faith or Uncertainty. And I lay a wager we all know which way the Status Catholic Reporter and the LCWR breakfast voted.

Questions About Judas Answered

Questions About Judas Answered
By Fr. Maximus, of the Blessed Monastery of Paramythias in Rhodes

1. IT IS Valuable OF Startle, HOW JUDAS BETRAYED HIS MASTER, Balanced Still HE SAW HIM DO Tons All-inclusive MIRACLES?

Judas in the beginning ought to personal been good. Approaching the other disciples of Christ, he deceased family and work for the Messiah.

Inevitable he ought to personal endured hardships on his journeys within the three blind date associates ministry of Christ. Christ would send His disciples on missions to towns and villages to give instructions the strain.

The disciples after that, together with Judas, preached that the Messiah came, and they would test their words with miracles (Matt. 10:1-8). Judas was markedly honored by Christ to stash the widely held hold up. From this he would shop and furnish money philanthropically to the insignificant (Jn. 13:29). At the same time as Christ began from Galilee to Judea to be sacrificed, Judas followed Him, listening to the words of his fellow disciple Thomas: "Let us go and die with Him" (Jn. 11:16).

John the Evangelist writes that Judas had a important piquancy for greed (12:6). It seems he was dedicated to this piquancy, and prompted to infidelity against Christ. Meanness opened his years to Satan, double-jointed nationality to the evil one.

Luke the Evangelist (22:3) writes that ahead Judas consulted with the condescending priests for the fissure, Satan entered him. This is proper by John the Evangelist (13:2), saying that Satan put fissure appearing in the tendency of Judas. The fantastically Evangelist says that at the end of the Telepathic Mealtime Satan over entered Judas (13:27). Let us see: in Bethany Christ's feet were anointed by a beast with very expensive myrrh. Judas with other disciples enviously complained (Matt. 26:8 and Jn. 12:4-6). This illness is a sign that they questioned the infallibility of Christ: how did He allow this? At the same time as Christ stepped in and asked not to bad-tempered the beast for her consideration of love, for she completed His human resources for income, the others squalidly soft, but Judas was crazy, and influenced by Satan he deceased to delude Him. Selfishness blinded him. Inevitable Judas did not capture in the deity of Christ. A God deserves all garnish and loss, not fissure. He greeting to be a supporter to Christ. Really he hid his greed under the stock of years keen in the insignificant. Sinners unadventurously try to stock their sins and rationalize them.

In the course of the negotiation of Judas the condescending priests rejoiced (Mk. 14:11 and Lk. 22:5), being now they could knock Christ digression from the mob at night, the same as someone slept. Judas even easily positively them and gave them a undertake that Christ choice be delivered in need the ghost of a mob (Lk. 22:6).

The aim of the fissure was not so knowingly greed as it was about ego. If he was merely a squirrel, he would personal deceased his insignificant supporter Christ fund. Little he in due course established money, yet he did not ditch Christ. Now he isolated Him, being his ego countless. If he did not personal a big ego, he would personal continued illegal use and not betrayed his Master. Definitely he had greed, being he took the money to delude Christ.

Perhaps Judas, in imitation of he lost his religious conviction in the divine origin of Christ, started to shed light on digression the miracles of Christ, like the Pharisees, as demonic energies. Distinctiveness darkens man, so that he cannot declare what is prerogative.

Judas was blinded by greed, self-centeredness and the devil and did not know in which he was leave-taking.

2. WAS THE Deceitfulness OF JUDAS Clearly AND HAD TO BE DONE?

That a disciple would become a absconder, God foreknew. And that, David besides prophesied it in the Old Tribute (Ps. 40:10 (41:9)). Christ prophesied it countless epoch. Christ foreknew it, but did not predetermine it. He prophesied it being He knew it would build up. God saw the fissure and foretold it. The foreknowledge of God is not to point the finger at, but the freedom of Judas.

At the same time as behindhand the upsurge of the five loaves and two fish scraps, inclination ahead His Passion, Jesus spoke of Holy Communion, His human resources and blood, and some disciples told Him, "this is a sturdy saying" and deceased Him. Christ after that told the twelve: "Do you besides call for to leave?" Peter responded: "Anywhere choice we go, You speak words of eternal life and we believed and personal seen that You are the Christ, the Son of the Years God." Jesus responded: "I did not tool the twelve of you, and yet one of you is a devil." Taking part in he was dialect of Judas (Jn. 6:60-71). Taking part in Christ says no matter which paradoxical: "If I chose you, in the midst of you is a absconder."

The loss of Christ on the Side was terminated painful, having been betrayed by His disciple. This fissure teaches us that all of us who are offering to Christ are in inconvenience of fissure. Judas is a kind of countless sophisticated traitors. If the disciple of Christ who saw the tough miracles of Christ betrayed Him, how knowingly terminated inconvenience are we in who personal not beheld Christ and His miracles?

Christ would personal been arrested and sacrificed in need the negotiation of Judas. It is not feasible for the All-Good God to use a moral fiber for His bench and lead him to eternal damnation. If Judas did dutiful work, He would not personal approved him to commit suicide. Judas shows the tough ruination of strain and the crave for the divine loss.

3. WHY DID CHRIST Suffer HIS Supporter JUDAS TO Trick HIM?

Christ countless epoch tried to disapprove of him from fissure. Inclination ahead His Passion, Jesus uninterruptedly (Matt. 12:40; 16:21-28; 17:12; 17:22-23; 20:17-19) completed His disciples for the Passion. He told them that He would join knowingly, would be rejected by the religious leaders, would be killed, and on the third day would snowball over.

In one foretelling of His Passion (Matt. 16:21-28), Peter responded and asked that His Passion not rack place. Jesus answered Peter: "Get thee at the last me Satan,... you do not make it the choice of God, but connect with as men connect with." He after that asked His disciples if they would not accept Him and said: "Like choice it gain a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own years." These words were a sturdy symptom to Judas who lost his years for thirty pieces of silver.

At the Telepathic Mealtime, behindhand the washing of His disciples feet, Christ said: "You are clean, but not all of you" (Jn. 13:10-11). He knew the one who would delude Him. As a result, as He was teaching about shyness (which is why He washed the disciples feet), He warns Judas over by saying the dream of David (Ps. 40:10): "Yea, drag own uncommunicative friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my currency, hath lifted up his heel against me." Judas' deceitful nervousness was shaken due to the loss of his years by Him dazzlingly stating that someone would delude Him (Jn. 13:21). Judas over did no matter which selfishly. Christ refers to him crookedly by saying: "The one who has hollow his hand appearing in the indentation with Me choice delude Me" (Matt. 26:23). And as Judas continued to supply himself, Christ says in a ominous way: "Woe to the man in whom the Son of Man (the Messiah) choice be delivered. It would personal been good for him had he not been untrained" (Matt. 26:24). And the same as someone was saying, "Is it me?", Judas, in order not to figure himself by his respite, besides asked Jesus in need pity, "Is it me?" Christ told him: "You personal assumed it", that is, it is as you say.

His bosom disciple says that Christ at Gethsemane knocked Judas and the legion backwards in imitation of they approached (Jn. 18:5-6). Judas was not motivated, but hypocritically greeted Christ, saying "Praise Rabbi!" and kissed Him heartily (Matt. 26:49). Christ did not speak evil of him, but assumed to him: "Join together, for that which you came to do, do in a straight line" (Matt. 26:50). Luke (22:48) completes the words of Christ with a question: "You delude the Son of Man with a kiss?" It's as if He assumed to him: I know why you came, you are a traitor; your sultry kiss does not prank me."

Christ tried to chronicle him. Judas, static, was firm in his disloyalty.


Christ never spoke of a rejuvenation with arms. His warnings of His Passion never included talks of a feasible rejuvenation. If Judas was a advocate, or a innovative, he have to personal waited lest Christ figure following His divine power and surrender the strain. Plus his fissure he led Christ appearing in bewilderment. Plus the death of Christ he gained nil for the aim of a rejuvenation. If Christ let down Judas, he have to personal isolated Him and waited for uncommon rescuer Messiah.

Likewise a innovative Judas does not rationalize years a absconder and flaccid himself. At the same time as he returned the money, he told the priests: "I handed wrecked intact blood" (Matt. 27:4). The innovative Judas would personal had to rest the money for the needs of the conventional rejuvenation. His flaccid did not trouble the status of Roman standard.

All the strain were waiting for a rescuer Messiah. At the same time as Christ multiplied the five loaves and the two fish scraps and thousands of strain ate, associates who ate said: "This really is the conventional farsighted. Jesus realized they preordained to make Him king, so He departed the gathering by Himself" (Jn. 16:14-15).

And the disciples of Christ were awaiting emancipation from the Messiah. In fact two of His closest, the brothers James and John together with their mother, asked Christ that in imitation of He was absolutely to be the king in Jerusalem, if He would put them to the deceased and prerogative of His throne. Christ explained to them that the ruin cup of His Passion exactly Him in Jerusalem (Matt. 20:20-23). They, static, did not delude their supporter.

Judas was not a innovative, but easily led, domineering and covetous.


Above-board express grief is one thing, simple self-reproach is uncommon. Spontaneous express grief is characterized by the reposition to courteous the evil, the same as simple self-reproach is a trouble of observe (a patchy) in need any reposition to courteous the evil. Judas predictable his mistake, but he didn't do at all to courteous it. If he totally repented, he would personal went to find Christ and with cry asked for pity, like Peter.

That he dedicated suicide shows that his ego now operated towards self-destruction. Openly besides the devil had influence and led him to warning.

If Judas totally repented, he would personal been saved.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos

Friday, 20 November 2009

Ritual Bath

Ritual Bath Cover
The ritual bath is important to signal your subconscious mind to get to work. The bath helps you let go of negativity and distracting thoughts and focus your mind. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on your self and your intentions. Time in the bath is also enjoyable and refreshing! You should take a ritual bath before you do any formal ritual, especialy magick, to make sure you don't have any negative energy stuck on you. Use the ritual bath to reflect, meditate, get grounded and connect with deity. To prepare your ritual bath, put essensial oil and/or herbs in the water. Use only a few drops of oil, because you want only a subtle essence of scent.

CAUTION - Be careful with pure essential oils - they can burn your skin if not diluted properly. Choose your herbs and oils based on your personal preference or on the kind of ritual or magick you plan to do. When you feel ready, get up slowly. As you are stepping out of the water, let go of any negativity. Imagine it has stayed in the water and that you are letting it flow down the drain away from you. This way when you emerge from the tub, you will be cleansed physically and mentally. Put on your clean robe or clothes, and you are ready for ritual.

The purpose of a ritual bath is to cleanse Yourself, from the inside and out, of negative energies and prepare your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self for Circle. A ritual bath is a rite in and of itself. The rite is ideally done just prior to Circle, but this is not always the case. (An example of such is if you have to travel to the meeting place.) After the rite is completed and you must travel to another place for Circle, try to keep your mind in a Spiritual frame as this will aid you in Circle.

The bath water should be infused with salts, herbs oils and colors that are harmonious with the work to be done in Circle. To prepare for the bath:

Select the Herbs, (it is best to have your herbs in a satchel for easier clean-up) oils and salts (of the same color as the candle) that you will be using.

Have a censer and charcoal block ready to burn a corresponding incense on.

Anoint a candle of appropriate color (possibly using the same oil as you are using in the bath water.) If you have a shrine set up in your bathroom there should be a Goddess and God candle present.

Have some Holy Water ready. Holy Water is made from:

1/3 sea-water (river-water with sea-salt added will do if sea-water is unavailable) 1/3 river-water, 1/3 spring-water (store bought is OK)

Have a tape recorder with meditation music in the bathroom with you, as its aid to visualization and meditation is invaluable. (Be cautious to have the tape recorder far away from any water and DO NOT TOUCH IT WHILE YOU ARE STILL WET.)

A glass of wine is also needed for consumption upon completion of the rite. And your libation dish for the libation to the Gods.

To begin turn out the lights and light the candle(s) and incense, turn on tape, fill the tub with warm water and add herbs, oils, salts and a cup or so of Holy Water. With your Athame draw and visualize a Water or Banishing Pentagram over the bath water. All of these tools represent the four Elements; Air/the incense and the scents from the bath, Fire/the heat of the bath, Water/the bath and Holy Water and, Earth/the herbs and oils.

Lower yourself into the water and visualize it cleansing you of all negativity. Know that these energies are flowing from your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Selves into the water. Relax and enjoy the warmth of the water, the scents in the air and the feeling of being cleansed of all negativity, let yourself drift. Now concentrate and visualize on the purpose of the coming ritual and know that you are truly prepared. When you feel you are ready, pull the plug and stay in the tub until all the water has drained. As the water is draining visualize and know that the negative energies that are now in the water are going into the Earth and are grounded. Rise up out of the tub and do a Self Blessing like the following:

Anoint each area while saying aloud:

Blessed be my Mind, that learns of Your ways [anointing your forehead]
Blessed be my eyes, that have seen this day.
Blessed be my lips, that utter Your names and keep Your secrets.
Blessed be my breast(s), formed in strength (Beauty).
Blessed be the phallus (Womb), for without which I would not be.
Blessed be my knees, that shall kneel at thy Sacred Altar.
Blessed be my feet, that have brought me in these ways.

Pour a libation to the Gods and drink the wine. When dried, robe, clean-up the bathroom and take the libation outside to return it to the Earth. The rite is ended.

So Mote it Be!

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Becoming A Witch

Becoming A Witch Cover
Many people just discovering the Craft have asked me how does one become a Witch . The answer to that is one does not become a Witch.....they are a Witch, and it is just reaching down and finding it within them. It is not a matter of "becoming" a Witch, but finding the Witch within and, while the answer is quite simple, yet; to some, it can be quite complex. It is really not difficult once you find that inner Witch within. But that is where it must come from and not from any book that you read. Reading books, joining covens and/or someone who initiates one into Witchcraft does not make one a Witch. It is you and you alone. Once you discover and decided that you are a Witch, you are deciding to embrace a life-enhancing and joyful spiritual path. You are declaring that you are willing to experience the wonders of the magickal web and encounter the Goddess. You are daring to be different in a way that facilitates your growth and empowers you. Most importantly, you are stepping into the spiral dance of life, celebrated by Witches all over the world.

Becoming a Witch means learning how to work ritual and magick, methods of raising, containing and releasing power, how to work with the energies of the moon and earth and the principles of sympathetic magick upon which most Witchcraft magick is based.

Witches are very unique individuals and some, no....... many, might call us strange. We look at life differently; we live life differently; and we experience life differently. We find beauty and laughter in the simplest things. We believe that magick is in life itself.

Some people who become interested in Witchcraft have expectations that Witches are gifted with amazing powers as the result of a particular ceremony or spell. The truth is more mundane than the fantasy. Witchcraft is about growing within your own spirituality, making contact with the web of magick, learning how to weave, and observing the way the world works. Witchcraft is about working with natural energies, observing how they work, and determining how you can gently divert them and not about moving things around at will.

The decision to become a Witch is not one you should take lightly. It is not a persona you can put on or take off at will. Witchcraft becomes your whole life and can drastically change your perception of the world in which you live. Becoming a Witch will affect everything and everyone around you. That it will affect them positively does not alter the fact that you will relate to them differently and you should be prepared for this.

To become a Witch is to become changed within yourself and a changer of things outside you. This is your inner magick. Encountering the Goddess, working with magick and connecting with nature will take a lot of time and energy until it becomes second nature to you. You may find that you get angry with those people who do not understand Witchcraft or paint it as "evil" but you will have to resist putting them right until you have grasped some of the key concepts for yourself. This can be achieved only through experience and this means practicing patience which means embracing the Crone energies of wisdom and patience, and this can take quite some time.

Once your decision is made, you have already stepped onto the path of Witchcraft. The next step depends on the type of person you are. If you are a fiery, adventurous sort of person, you will probably wish to throw yourself into studying everything at once. You will want to read everything you get your hands on, hoping that the more you read, the more experience you will have and the wiser you will be. Unfortunately, experience and wisdom work together and that comes with life experiences which comes with age. That is why so much emphasis is put on the Crone for her having wisdom. She has experienced life; she has stumbled and fell and picked herself up over the years until she hardly falls anymore. She has learned when it is time to speak and when it is time to be silent. She is the Raven and the Owl all rolled into one. The Raven is very vocal whereas the owl practices silence and is silent in everything that it does. If you are more cautious or laid back, you may wish to learn gradually and thoroughly. One of the lessons that the Craft has to teach is to be resourceful.

So, I think the best place to start is within your heart and soul. I am not talking about being a pagan but a Witch. Being a pagan and being a Witch are two separate things. Pagans tend to work more with the Sabbats and attend celebrations and many now call themselves Wiccans. There are many pagans who do not have anything to do with magick. You may have heard that old saying that all Witches are pagans but not all pagans were Witches. That is because before the God of Abraham came and then later Christianity, most people were pagans and their beliefs were centered around agriculture, because most were farmers. However, you then had your mid-wives and healing women, who were pagans, who attended to the towns people when they were sick or when a woman became with child. These wise women were also consulted when women wished not to have a child. They consulted these women from birthing to healing the sick through herbs which were grown and tended to by these women. The wise women grew and harvested their herbs by the Moon and lived also by the Moon. These wise women were also consulted for divination purposes and potions. Years later these wise women were called Witches and later on, they were tortured and burned. See Crone Turns Witch for a more in-depth reading.

My first suggestion would be to get in touch with the Moon and knowing when She is full and dark, and when She is waning or waxing. Notice how you feel when the moon moves through the phases. Do not feel that the only time to do magick and work with Her energies is when the moon is waxing to full. You can work with Her energies any time of the month. I seem to come more alive when the Moon moves into Her waning phase and up to Dark Moon, whom many call New Moon. But that might be because I was born on a Balsamic Moon (Dark Moon). I prefer to call the Moon what it is....dark, and give it back to the Crone, where it belongs, and give the New Moon back to the Maiden, where it belongs, when it is the first thin sliver in the sky. I also burn a white candle when the Moon starts to wax in honor of the Maiden; I burn a red candle when the Moon is full in honor of the Mother; and I burn a black candle on the Dark of the Moon in honor of the Goddess. You will be surprised how this helps you to be connected with the Moon and with the Goddess all at the same time.

My second suggestion is to read and read as many books as you can. We are so fortunate in this day and age to have the abundance of books on the Craft. Even if you are not Wiccan, there is a lot of material to be found in books on Wicca. I think the most informative book and a must to have in every Witch's library is Scott Cunningham's "Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner." His book is very easy to follow, and he explains the art of ritual design, the Witch's tools and many other important things. If it is magick you want, then besides Hecate's Cauldron, you will find Scott Cunningham's Book of Incense, Oils and Brews is yet another must to have sitting on your Witch's cupboard. But keep the spiders away, as they love this book! There is also another wonderful book by Shekhinah Mountainwater entitled "Ariadne's Thread." It is a workbook of Goddess magick and many Witches today are discovering this wonderful book.

I would also suggest to jump right into ritual work and doing spells as well. As mentioned above, Scott Cunningham's books are excellent for the beginning Witch. Remember, practice makes perfect. There are many new in the Craft who are afraid to do magick, fearing that they might do something wrong. Witches of yesteryear lived quite, simple lives and their magick was simple as well. Many did not even do rituals when they performed a spell. They were Witches and not magicians. If you follow the cycles of the moon and do magick according to those cycles, you have accomplished half the battle. A little homework, and you will be fine.

If possible, growing herbs not only for cooking but for medicinal purposes as well is very rewarding for a Witch. Did you know that during the Burning Times, any woman having the herb Basil in her cupboard was considered a Witch? I love Basil and have it growing in my herb box, as well as Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, and Dill. Learn to know the magickal properties of herbs, and as you sprinkle these herbs in the cauldron on your stove, cast that magick into the food that you and your family eat. When I drink hazelnut coffee, I charge my coffee for my psyche, as hazelnut is good for psychic abilities. Cinnamon is also great for psychic abilities. . I always drink cinnamon tea before I do tarot readings. As you sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon into your apple pies, charge your pies as well to help you in your psychic ability. If you cannot grow the herbs, there is always fresh herbs in your local grocery store. However, one small potted plant of a particular herb will give you much satisfaction. There is so much a Witch can do while cooking on the stove in her cauldrons!

As far as computers are concerned, I consider my computer a form of cauldron where I conjure and stir things up. There are many Witches who have a special magickal name for their computers, as do I.

There are more and more Witches wishing to connect more with the Moon and Her energies and walking Her path. Walking the path of the Goddess is a very simple one and it is very spiritual and brings you inner peace because it is through the Goddess that you will find this. So, get out in the fresh air and see all Her beauty and nature all around you and that includes the leaveless trees in winter to the bursting foliage in the spring for the Goddess is not only the Moon but nature itself and She is Mother Earth, and She is the seasons. More information on the Goddess path can be found on The Path of the Goddess.

You can also start each day with a prayer to the Goddess to give you strength and wisdom throughout the day and at the end of each day say a pray thanking Her for giving you the strength and wisdom. You can also light a sacred candle in Her honor each night when you get home from work. You can burn a scented candle as well. I burn a scented candle depending on what the Moon is doing. When the moon is waning, each night I light a candle scented with cloves to banish negativity and when the moon is waxing, I burn a scented candle to bring
abundance into my life.

I would also like to add that you really do not need "magickal tools" in order to be a Witch. Tools are nice to have and work with; however, they are not necessary. Everything you need is inside of you. Tools belong in the category of ceremonial magicians and Wiccans. Gerald Gardner was a Free Mason and belonged to the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn pulled things from The Key of Solomon. Witches of yesteryear were simple folk who used what they had in and around the house. And during the Burning Times, it could cost them their lives to have "magickal tools." Witchcraft is of the heart, mind and soul and not from magickal tools.

The sky is the limit, because we Witches reach for the sky~so fly!

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