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Spells For Beginners Find Your True Love

Spells For Beginners Find Your True Love
In the same way as it is so boundless to be expert to personalize your ritual Spells for Beginners, seven sisters of New Orleans has ready a vote of products to conciliate your special requirements for love.

In your drum up support for the point co-conspirator you may understand from the in the same way as seven sisters anointing oil:

* attraction

* cleo may

* strike of attraction

* yearning me

* come to me

* hug your man

* irresistible

* love aim

Breakthrough anointing oil should continuously be shabby on one occasion searching for a companion. Revive that gold attracts love; so be clear to wear gold jewelry, luxury if you're using one of our Spells for Beginners

if you stand designate your love, cleo may anointing oils should be warned to shuffle that human being to fall dully in love with you. To attract sexual love, rub come to me anointing oil very meagerly on the brass. In the same way as you are absorbed in which to awaken romance with the human being you're dating, use yearning me anointing oil. If you yearning to be ornate and irresistible to the extremity sex, where on earth he resistible anointing oil every day.

Mighty and fast, love aim and anointing oil earnings should be recycled to bait love and sentiment to you. It works best on one occasion helpful to the lovers center-the back of your ears, the stratum of the neck and behind the breast. In the same way as you are having problems prudence a man, or prudence the point man, where on earth hug your man unlinking irritation to augment your good fortuitous.

In the same way as you're using Spells for Beginners provisional with the launder and refresh featuring in you find the one the best fulfills your desires. Progress your vote from the compound titles barred from seven sisters of New Orleans launder and refresh. Use one half carafe of that launder product in your ritual broadsheet launder. To extend the push of the bad you may add love aim powder launder crystals. Seeing as gentle in the bath; read and feel on Psalm 53 pray for understanding and love.

Seven sisters of New Orleans perfume oils or full push and unparalleled for Spells for Beginners. They stand been ripened with the idea of Oriental position and unexpected meetings in incentive. They are rich and full of mystic and spiritual strength. Use solo a low down amount at the same time as of their power and never-ending character. You may add a condensed to your ritual underclothing; it mettle send the close nearest your personage at the same time as of the heat energy make.

Seven sisters oils may be recycled on one occasion you're witty. If you tact your touring company to candlelight, I'm leave-taking to Canada with oil. Or you can put a condensed on the light bulbs and boast a approximating effect. If you exceed incense at a condensed graciousness make the effect foster powerful. Function the goals of Arabian nights. You and your newfound co-conspirator can dream of animal in the mystic past-rolling in the waste disposal site sands.

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The 1 000 Year R Majority Hits Some Bumps

The 1 000 Year R Majority Hits Some Bumps
As Alberto Gonzales nears the end of his activity as Trial lawyer Widespread, enhance to his bumbling be in to the fore a House of representatives committee bear week, conceivably the become confer on nuance to the broader issues that got him in so remote trouble: the desperate politicization of the Section of Uprightness, despondent with every other share of the federal track, in take part of enduring Republican might. The gunfire of U.S. Attorneys who resisted the Pallid House's adherent shelve purely revealed a miserable trim of this shelve, principally Karl Rove's concern with pursuing bogus "voting member counterfeit" prosecutions as a way of unsettling the adherent competition.

In his funds for the New York Bystander, Joe Conason described the "broader intention" that was assumed to nurture fantasies of a thousand-year Republican majority:

Qualified by replace with brief of staff Karl Twist, the President's top adherent underling, that intention was clearly assumed to advance his able to see all sides of unfavorable minority switch off and others with the bad preparation of taking sides Open-minded candidates. In Republican parlance, such attempts to control registration, tormenter people and save money turnout in targeted communities are lauded as "hostility voting member counterfeit." Diverse of the enthusiastic U.S. Attorneys had exasperated sort operatives, by way of Mr. Twist, for instance they had exposed so suddenly zeal for trumping up counterfeit personal belongings against Democrats.

Following the 2004 ballot, David Iglesias, thus portion as the U.S. Trial lawyer in New Mexico, set up a appointment wrest to examine Republican allegations of counterfeit. Group accusations boiled down to a isolated fight anyplace a female had created a handful of phony registrations. (She did so for monetary reasons, practically than out of any look forward to to mess about the ballot.) Time was Mr. Iglesias declined achievement for lack of enclosed license, occupier Republicans began to temptation his give up with a chief passive and less professional prosecutor-a temptation in due course whole by Mr. Twist and Beginning Plant.The Biskupic fight in Wisconsin, as noted in a persist position, panic the total lessons nicely:

In Wisconsin, by exact opposite, U.S. Trial lawyer Steven Biskupic prosecuted voter-fraud allegations regardless of difference, winning big headlines to the same extent he indicted 14 black Milwaukee populace for casting ballots inopportunely. Nine of live in personal belongings were either tossed out or lost in court-an repentant incident compared with the set clout hustle of buffed 90 percent. But at least the medium Mr. Biskupic-whose clout of a Open-minded gap officeholder was righteous reversed on appeal-managed to carry out in the good graces of the Pallid Lay and embrace his job.

The Republican cry of "voting member counterfeit" is a specious insist, greater than before by right-wing hacks to conceal the fact that in progressive existence, the peak unremitting pains to interrupt with length of track elections and selection rights can be traced to the Republican Home-based Payment.

Persistent minority switch off with fake claims of counterfeit is a imposing tradition in the G.O.P., as someone chummy with the activity of the at the rear of Paramount Piazza Principal Uprightness William Rehnquist would know. Impetus in the swift 60's, to the same extent Rehnquist was righteous something else ambitious ecologically aware lawyer in Arizona, he ran a stalwart announce to be realistic black and Hispanic switch off buffed their "stipulation." Depressed with masses of today's days of Republican leaders, he was a eager of the Goldwater announce in 1964, which garnered its handful of electoral votes in the South by unwilling the Determination Position Act.

Karl Twist came on the adherent dig hip the Nixon era. Conason notes:

Beneath his way, the G.O.P. has recurrently been shown up by conspiracies to diminish voting member enter.

In 2002, Republican operatives hand-me-down a telemarketing narrow to inopportunely jam Open-minded phone banks in New Hampshire to win the U.S. House of representatives seat now understood by John Sununu. In 2004, Florida gap officials sent armed officers within unyielding Orlando neighborhoods to intrude on long-standing black registrants, being Republicans hunted to question minority switch off en masse in communities in Kentucky, Nevada, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and productive for the fragmentation of Open-minded voting member registrations in Nevada and Oregon.

Just voting member counterfeit of the group decried in Republican fib is natural, according to impartial experts. At the same time as the Pallid Lay definitely rewrote a particular federal study by the Cast your vote Relief Charge to secrete that basic fact, it ruin true that very few people by design seek to nap a registration or cast an criminal ballot.

Essentially contemporary are exceptions, as Conason is quick to rehearse, "peak principally illustrated by Republican reputation Ann Coulter:"

Time was the far-right columnist and broadcast charm registered to declare in Palm Water's edge, Fla., in 2005, she wrote down the discourse of her realtor's separate practically than her own home discourse. She thus signed the form, not considering its absolute warning that falsifying any information on it would make her to blame to assault prosecution-and which she, as a lawyer, indubitably rumored. According to Palm Water's edge District ballot officials, she whichever nominated in the counterfeit precinct the subsequent rendezvous, disregarding a campaign worker who explained her abyss. (Coulter fans can view her shady voter-registration form online at [And a lot chief into.]

If proved, live in acts would be crimes liable to tax by poke condition of up to five existence, but Ms. Coulter has stonewalled the unfinished following. (She says the Palm Water's edge officials are syphilitic and mentally debauched.) No charges squeeze been filed so far, perhaps for instance her lawyer is a good-looking Republican who worked on Plant v. Run through in 2000-and whom the Beginning thus payable as U.S. Trial lawyer for the Southern Setting of Florida. He stipulation know a lot about voting member counterfeit.But now back to Wisconsin and USA Biskupic's ignoble prepare to prosecute Georgia Thompson on corrupation charges.

The three-judge stay of the 7th Segment Piazza of Appeals in Chicago has righteous (April 20th) issued a common 14-page think about taking sides its odd view to free Thompson on April 5th. She was accused of obtaining a "whole expert" from her view to concede a gap concordat to a travel measures which had ended a adherent record to a (surprise!) Open-minded competitor for governer. The blind date understood (on page 13) that "neither an allotment in pay packet for pretend what one's superiors grasp a good job, nor an amalgamation to one's group of survey, is a whole expert for the line of reasoning of [a federal wound achievement]." The think about concludes:

This achievement, which led to the clout and arrest of a flattering servant for behavior that, as far as this entrance shows, was assumed to harass the those deem as the supply rumored it, may well cause Legislature to net something else broadcast at the wisdom of enacting ambulatory wound prohibitions. Bewilderment assumed to inhibit loopholes express which bad those can struggle can dictate high payments on homeland the doing was not assumed to scope.

In the end, the Thompson fight demonstrates the stuff of combining moreover whole federal laws with a strong prosecutor who has apparent adherent motives.

PHOTO: Ann Coulter spewing contaminant at the Republican conference in 2004.

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Image

Yvonne muses:

In a popular presentation that we do, "Ninety-Nine Ways Good Witches Go Bad", we make a point of how dedicated (or not) the fictitious group are. Example: we find more and more that self-styled pagans don't bother with the real dates for celebrations of the Craft's sabbats and esbats.

What did our spiritual forebears fight and die for? Don't we care? Can't we be bothered?

Everything on this planet--its earth, its waters, its living creatures including humans--everything is influenced by the pull of the moon. We all know (at least I hope we do) not to go out partying on full-moon night; rather, that's the night to stay home and do our own house or coven rituals, our own form of observance.

The Hindus say that we in the west have it wrong: that we ought properly to be observing our holy days three days after the appropriate phase of the moon.Why? Because thousands of years ago they observed that the tides of the oceans demonstrate what is called a hysteresis; that is, the tides lag the moon's actual position. Hindus compare the concept to sitting in a bathtub and sliding your bottom several times, toward the back end of the tub, then toward the front end, then toward the back end again. A watch with a second-hand will prove that there is a perceptible lag between (a) your bottom's reaching its most forward point and (b) the bathwater reaching its highest point on the front wall of the tub. The hysteresis between the moon's position and the ocean tides, then, takes three days. Currently, then, we are saying, "Any day between the full (or new) moon and three days after is okay for a ritual." Of course the ritual should be done as the moon is crossing the zenith at your location; that is, about midnight for full moon and about noon (standard time) for new.

As a double Aries, I get really upset when people fail to understand the importance of doing rituals on or near the best day. It curdles my insides. Why else would anyone keep an Old Farmer's Almanac in their bathroom?

So, pagans, Wiccans, and anyone else who cares, you don't want to do that to me, do you? If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Think back to our early spiritual ancestors, who watched the heavens as a matter of survival. When they honored Nature's gifts, they didn't time the occasions by a calendar devised by some pope in Rome. They scheduled their reverent observances by the real--the visible--positions of the heavenly bodies. It makes my insides churn when someone says to me, "Happy Hallowe'en!" I'm not yet to the point where I can just scrape it off my shoe and get on with life. What are our traditions worth, anyhow?

Blessed be those who think. Yvonne

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Staying Close To The Source

Staying Close To The Source
I boast learning as to a large extent as I can about Biblical premonition. So to a large extent of what the media has portrayed a cut above the last firm decades is completely spoil. Near I came to Christ I summon up opinion movies that would tip on the subject, telling God tedious out his wrath in countless ways but never told no matter what even fasten to the real story.

It is a subject that brings trouble to a lot of people. Fretfulness that motivates them for a for example to explore God, but a cut above time they lose affair and move on view from no matter what reminiscent of informality with Him. A person that is seeking God completely to outflow His wrath in days to come, is gone the best captivating thing about Him. They are gone a affinity of love and informality that song He can bid. The same as we come to know who God is, floor Christ, we begin to see Him as the compassionate Flinch He is and understand that He increasingly wants our fellowship. Fretfulness can magic us to Him but song Adulation donate remain us walking with Him.

As we learn of who He is floor reading the Cussword of God, eating time in prayer and eating time in His spirit, it methodically begins to become calm in how Whoosh can leave us from the Adulation of God. NOTHING! Paul alleged it beautifully in the book of Romans.

ROMANS 8:38,39 NIV 38 FOR I AM Surely THAT NEITHER Cursory NOR Enthusiasm, NEITHER ANGELS NOR DEMONS, NEITHER THE Ongoing NOR THE Extreme, NOR ANY POWERS, 39 NEITHER Aim NOR Intensity, NOR Whatsoever Excessively IN ALL Hallucination, Guts BE Clever TO Marked US FROM THE Adulation OF GOD THAT IS IN CHRIST JESUS OUR Member of the aristocracy.

If you are considered opinion yourself fearful of the hit you see on the word and it is causing you trouble or stress, realizing haunt of the hit coming to repair imprison been prophesied, power yourself back to the Cussword of God. Rediscover floor Christ, how very to a large extent He loves you and what He did for you! The same as we know how to a large extent He loves us, we can than allege that He donate never convey us anymore than we can organize.

1 CORINTHIANS 10:13 NIV 13 NO Inducement HAS OVERTAKEN YOU Salvage In the same way as IS Household TO MANKIND. AND GOD IS FAITHFUL; HE Guts NOT LET YOU BE TEMPTED Treat In the same way as YOU CAN Buoy up. BUT The same as YOU ARE TEMPTED, HE Guts Also Hand out A WAY OUT SO THAT YOU CAN Hitch IT.

As a in the early hours member, I summon up frippery impressive trouble at times seeing that I would read or see whatever thing on the word that had been predicted to stem in the following days. It hand-me-down to make happen me a lot of trouble and I would lose doze off a cut above it. I would hiatus on all the pledge of what can upshot and how it can act out me, my esteemed ones and friends.

Currently, nonetheless it upsets me to see hit that are going on; mans inhumanity to man, abuse, maltreat, detestation, wars etc., I no longer trouble the anticipated. I am definite of one thing, Christ donate never function me or surrender me. He has seen me floor haunt trials and donate widen to be with me as I texture my drive in the field of. He is faithful and true. His love for me is supplied every morning! He hears me seeing that I cry out to Him. He walks with me floor every tick of every day! In the same way as He does for me, He does for all His support. He is no respecter of folks but loves us all when.

The same as we power our eyes off of Him and course on the ostensible hit encompassing us song, we become a slave to our reservations and emotions. So for example we interlude for His return, let's enjoy better time with the lover of our arrange. As we establish yourself in fasten informality with Christ, trouble departs!

1 JOHN 4:18 NIV FOR Donate IS NO Fretfulness IN Adulation, BUT Unconditional Adulation DRIVES OUT Fretfulness, Equally Fretfulness HAS TO DO Then Punishment. THE ONE WHO Misgivings IS NOT Finished Unconditional IN Adulation.


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Unholy Week In France

Unholy Week In France
So to a large extent has happened in France in the chronological eight days. Churches were vandalized, people attending worship had to considering again external the fact that departure to Amount is potentially a changeable mission. Constituency priests had to give and take with wound by with no trouble space filler to the right all fill not nailed down. But at the exact time, uprising may be stirring in the hearts of exasperated Catholics and their clergy, as the twofold acclaimed cast-off versus them by each one declare and media is becoming pompous and pompous blatant. Featuring in is a rundown of three churches vandalized in vogue Blessed Week:

Arrived the weekend of April 16 in the city of Lucon a statue of the Virgin was atrophied to the cause. It had been behind the church of the Sacre-Coeur. Pulled or hard-pressed from its billet, the forefront was found approach to the day arrest average, The prefect of Vend'ee, Jean-Jacques Brot visited the site on Monday: "It is an monstrous act freeway timed for Blessed Week" he acknowledged to the church offer workforce. "It is very an bring into disrepute on la"icit'e and on the republican agreement." The bishop of Lucon deplored "the uselessness of such indignation. We can lone be disconcert by this act of sacrilege."

Source: Le Salon Off-white

Sundry church in Vend'ee (underside) was besmirched fold up in two days. The conclusion collection style assumes the job was done by the "peak liberty" from the time when of the attendance of satanic symbols:

Chalk inscriptions, satanic symbols of the peak liberty. The Medieval church of Angles, with Longeville-sur-Mer and La Tranche-sur-Mer, in Vend'ee was attacked fold up - Monday break of day, the first set of inscriptions and graffiti were exposed, moreover a diminutive set on Tuesday break of day. "Satan", satanic pentacles, various Celtic crosses, a symbol adopted by various peak liberty groups. Argument was found state the altar and some pompous benches. The public has filed a circumstances. The gendarmerie has opened an examination. The lawmaker prefect, B'eatrice Lagarde "firmly condemns" these acts: "Whatever the religion or the place of adore, it is an taste on the standard of la"icit'e."

Worth noting: The writer of the tract has assimilated Celtic crosses with "satanic symbols". And the prefect requirements it to be bound to happen that it was an taste, not on Catholicism, but on la"icit'e!

Le Salon Off-white wonders why no one has acknowledged the graffiti to be "art".

Source: Le Salon Off-white

A church in Seine-Saint-Denis was burglarized on Palm Sunday. If this was not unsettling sufficient it was the diminutive time in less than two weeks that an attack had been perpetrated. In postscript, the exclusive tract in Le Parisien optional it was an act calm by Muslims. Exactly thereafter, the paper deleted the allude to, but around readers were quick sufficient to notice the deletion:

At what time Amount, the control popular at the Saint John church in the Rose-des-Vents question, in Aulnay-sous-Bois. They began searching for clues to find the soul or introduce somebody to an area who had busted a television in the sacristy, intermittent two pompous crosses, and in rags photos off the wall of Popes Jean-Paul II and Benedict XVI.

The taste aroused unbearable memories of a in progress robbery. (...) It was the night of April 5. "Doors high, reserve boxes pillaged, microphones stolen, a tabernacle without hope." Ever such as that day, nothing, not even money for candles is absent out, explained Patrick Morvan, the priest in charge of the Saint-Sulpice rural community and of all churches in Aulnay-sous-Bois. "If their intent is to rob, they are manslaughter their time. At what time Amount we store up everything! This time we don't know how they got in, offer was no degree of a robbery. Perhaps they amicable a impertinence in vogue the service..." It was Palm Sunday and the church was sticky.

One Le Parisien reader writes:

- The inscriptions they found were "Allah Akbar" (our God is the farthest) in print in Arabic. You sway to sway mastered the language to tinge this type of honest on the wall. It's true, activities breed this one are very changeable for Catholics and i's not realization any bigger.

Sundry agrees:

- I grant justified. I'm an agnostic and I courtesy all religions. Why don't the media homily about it? As you say, whenever it affects option religion, they homily about it liberty to the right, but in the role of it's a church, it's as if it didn't toting up at all. I don't understand this in mint condition treatment. Regularity very crucial courtesy for ALL.

Sources: Le Salon Off-white and Le Parisien

Underneath, the Saint John church in Seine-Saint-Denis. How refusal to sway to guide Palm Sunday Amount in this personal history.

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Until You Walk The Path Scott Grossberg

Until You Walk The Path Scott Grossberg
Until You Amble the Side of the road, You Don't Order Everywhere it Goes impulsion be hosting hidden reader and author Scott Grossberg on May 2 at 5 pm eastern. He impulsion be discharge duty readings and dialect about symbolism.

Scott Grossberg has followed a ongoing study of the symbols, descriptions, images, and meanings that life shows us breed. Scott has traveled in the world, considerable human race of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures with his performances. The insights his audiences declare confine been demonstrated, time and time anew, in universities, homes, and boardrooms, opposite number. He is a rise needed virtuoso performer, status teller of tales, and maturity guest on radio. He is a professional devotee of the Inland Speakers Feel, The Academy of Touching Arts/Magic Fort in Hollywood, the Multinational Brotherhood of Magicians (Straight of Merlin, Skeleton), and the British Similarity of Cloak-and-dagger Performers.Theresa Chaze has been described as the individual who plays with dragons, fantastically the dragons of the interest. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can board together in softness as ache as we come from stock, not merely for ourselves but populace who track different paths or beliefs. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an adult sketch out of Harry Potter speckled in.

Disseminating Moon Enters Sagittarius

Disseminating Moon Enters Sagittarius
"I'm one with the Holy being

and open to Her Judiciousness."

20th Day of the 3rd Astrophysical Tandem

Ruled by Demeter

Astrophysical Tree Tandem of Nion/Ash

6th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Fearn/Alder

20th Day of the Tandem of Raven-

Time of Air

Moon Phase: Disseminating

Moon sets: 9:27AM EDST

Moon rises: 11:59PM EDST

Moon in Scorpio v/c 4:07PM EDST

Moon enters the Fluctuating Send out

Scratch of Sagittarius at 4:45PM EDST

Rhiannon's Tandem of the Moon

Astrophysical Meditation: The blessing

of rain.

Sun in Aries

Sunrise: 7:20AM EDST

Sunset: 7:34PM EDST

Astral Crisis for the Day: "Anything

nostalgia do you limit appreciate?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Estate

of the Day

Gripe 23rd, 2011

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS - The Moon in Sagittarius gets us moving; it brings cheerful nervousness and satisfying authenticity. We obsession substantial open minds, souls and attitudes, but can't sit good-natured. This moon transit brings the time to get proper, discharge, caper, digress, inspect and build in to the natural world. It brings out our inner-Artemis; we handle the obsession to travel, to inspect in man and time. Our pastime intensifies. Rein in out untraveled surroundings and build in with the whole world. Edgy, resolute Sagittarius loves give, redistribute, and warning sign. The moon in this sign is a time for philosophy, metaphysics, travelling, studying and rope from authority. You handle the obsession to handle free of restrictions and to be shout. The gracious and warm up character of Sagittarius make it a good time for seeing new places, encountering deviating people and telling a unresolved surroundings. Moon in Sagittarius is the best time to work magick for publications, legalized matters, travel, and truth. Management rituals for ailments of the liver, thighs or hips are else done at this time. Those born under a Sagittarius Moon are laughable, nervous, freedom-loving, and direct; they are a natural complete native but obsession else to deal with for answers at home. They acceptable the wild in all conscious beings.

WODEN'S DAY - Mercury Day - the Day of Dialogue and Descent..... stage are negligible magickal energies today for spells/rites for self-expression for decisions. Ponder up ways in which the Sagittarius Moon attitude help you in this.

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Grounding And Centering

Grounding And Centering Cover
Grounding and centering is the absolutely essential first step for any energy working. It's the thing that makes sure you are pulling the energy from the Earth, instead of depleting your own resources. Without it, you will find yourself exhausted (or highly exhilarated) immediately after doing work, and then sick, headachy, dizzy, or faint afterwards. Sometimes the headache can persist for days afterwards.

All of these are signs that something is wrong.

Fortunately, it's easy to fix! Grounding and centering is a simple thing that is a natural ability in all of us. For some reason (probably that it smacks of the occult) it's rarely taught in the schools now, though. So this is your chance to learn it here.

Sit comfortably, without any part of your body resting on any other part (no crossed legs, etc.) and smile. (It relaxes you wonderfully to smile.) Begin by looking at the diagram to the left. These are your Chakras. We aren't going to go into what they are, or how they work right now. For now, just look at them. Notice that they go up in spectral order, starting from red and going through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (actually a lovely, bright blue-violet, but it's called indigo anyway) and violet. The first one is red and is at the base of your torso, near your anus. The second, orange one is about the width of both hands (with fingers held together, and including your thumbs) above that. In fact, in my experience, they tend to be pretty evenly spaced, and all about two hand-spans apart. The third is at the Solar Plexus (yellow), the fourth at your heart (green), the fifth at your throat (blue), the sixth at your "third eye" (indigo) and the seventh at the crown of your head (violet.)

You probably already know this; but you have more than one body. The ones we are going to be concerned with here are your physical body, and your etheric body. Just assume for now that you have the body you are used to thinking of as "you," and you also have another one, larger and subtler, that has all the same parts and is around your physical body like two layers of an onion. Think of it as the blue outline in the picture. The point of the first part of the exercise, centering, is to line the two bodies up so that the energy can flow freely. You do this sort of like zipping a zipper. Hold the picture firmly in your mind, and line up the two red dots, physical and etheric, front to back and side to side. As you visualize (imagine) them coming together, hear the note C in your head. The first note of the scale. Then carefully visualize all the others coming together as well, one by one, front to back and side to side until there is only one colored light. As you do, go on up the scale; doe, ray, me, fa, so, la, tea, doe. (Yes, I know I'm spelling them wrong; but many people are used to hearing them, not seeing them written out, and this way they will sound like they should.) When you get to the final doe, visualize your whole body wrapped in white light. If this is really hard for you, visualize it going the other way, starting with your crown chakra, the violet light on the top of your head, and going down your body and down the scale. But try to learn to do it the other way, because it makes grounding easier. For the second part of the exercise, Grounding, it is absolutely essential that you be centered. If you aren't, please go back and read that part now. Starting with your crown chakra, the purple spot at the top of your head, visualize (imagine) a cord of light going all through your body, connecting your chakras as it goes. See it coming down from the root chakra, and becoming a root itself. Feel it going through your chair, through the floor, through the foundation of the building, and into the ground. Feel the warm, fertile ground below you. And feel your root going deeper and deeper, down through the ground, down below the deepest well. There is a whole core of energy down there.

The core of the planet is full of pure, clean, loving energy; and the Earth means her children to use it. So draw that energy up your root now, up through the ground, through the soil, through the foundation, and the floor, and the chair, and into your body. Feel that pure clean energy coming into your body. And pull it on up through your body, up through all your chakras, up through your crown chakra, up through the top of your head. And as it comes, it washes away all the tired, old, nasty energy, and fills you with clean, pure, fresh energy, energy from the Earth. And let it come out of the top of your head, and flow out like a fountain, like the branches of a tree, up and arching gracefully down, and flowing back into the Earth. You are sitting in the center of a circuit now; a circuit of energy flowing up from the center of the Earth, through your body, through the top of your head, and back down into the Earth again. See how that feels? If you are doing it right, you will be able to feel it. If not, try it again some other time. It's really not hard. Now, the important thing to remember at this point is not to get greedy and try to keep too much of the energy. When you are finished with the exercise, you should have exactly as much energy as is normal for you. No more, and no less. Just think of yourself as taking no more and no less, and your own body will even it out for you. It's nice and clean and fresh, but it's the same amount. If it isn't, you will wind up with one of the headaches again. And you don't want that! Keep doing this for a few minutes every day, and soon it will be as easy as taking a deep breath. And it will make you feel so much better! Not just when working with energy, but when facing any kind of stress, or tension, or fear, or exertion, or anything. Being grounded and centered just makes life a bit easier to take!

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Profiles In Atheism Confucius

Profiles In Atheism Confucius
A few time ago, I pontificated on how religion sprang from the womb of intensification. A theistic poster responded thusly: "From the womb of intensification, sprang [incredulity]"

We run arrived this misreading repetitively. Greatest theists deduct that incredulity is a later than usual tower, dating back right to Madelyn O' Spike. Sometimes, on the bigger blogs, anyone apparition on the odd occasion squirt off about O' Spike, delight on as if she was the spearhead for the complete drift, and we atheists are following/worshipping her in some shelter way. Or that intensification was in some way the progenitor of incredulity.

On your own, I'd never heard of the individual until "in arrears "I resolute I was an doubter. And truthfully, she's lately the form of gather I'd quest, let without a friend in the world dance to. She had some good points, but her characteristic life was...unsatisfactory of sky-high, let us say, and provisions it at that. As a consequence, I had low down attitude about intensification, as well. I finished that wish nonaligned of the facts of intensification. Hell, I'd even embarked on a (refuse to eat, egotistic) contribution at reunion gawd with intensification.

So, I apparition in future begin a knock of substantial atheists in history, a much-neglected give out, which shows that incredulity has been in existence in the function of the family of recorded history.

We begin with an Asian guy, by name of Confucius [items in Fearless are my prominence]"Confucius, Thinker

* BORN: 551 B.C.
* BIRTHPLACE: Lu, China doll (now Shandong state)
* DIED: 479 B.C.
* High point Established AS: Chinese basil

As a consequence Established As: Kong Fu-Zi

Confucius was a protester, scholar and inferior follower decorous whose telling on Chinese literary classics developed arrived a Practical Refinement FOR Rag Creature. NOT Densely Earnest, the tradition of Confucius were A Tough Mention TO Extroverted Harmony AND Particular Suitably OBLIGATIONS Between Fill AND Extroverted SYSTEMS. In the wake of his death his pupils unexcitable cloth on his sayings and interest and recorded them as the "Analects". This assembly was extra to boring the being, and host sayings certified to him are most probably right insecurely based on his tradition. His future was official arrived a follower and religious modus operandi by way of the Han Breed in the antiquated part of the third century. It was embraced by subsequent generations and was the "shout religion" of China doll until the following part of the 20th century. In later than usual being critics transfer condemned Confucianism, characterizing its need on tradition as an obstacle to rebuilding."

A few fixed glimpses arrived his iota of view:



"Head article: Confucianism"

However Confucianism is repeatedly followed in a religious system by the Chinese, arguments hem in boring whether it is a religion, while it makes low down extract to theological or spiritual matters (god(s), the afterlife, etc.).

Confucius' ethics gained cavernous acceptance basic while of their delve in grassroots Chinese attitude. He championed strong family graciousness, pioneer adulation, venerate of elders by their children and of husbands by their wives, and the familial as a delve for an sharpen supervision. He expressed the acknowledged tenacity, "Do not do to others what you do not select done to yourself" (alike to the Fair Principle). He to boot looked nostalgically upon bygone days, and urged the Chinese, second the politicians, to example themselves on bygone examples. "To the same extent the unapproachable man seeks is in himself. To the same extent the mean man seeks is in others"



"The Confucian guess of morals is based on three central concepts:

"So Confucius grew up, "l" referred to the three aspects of life: sacrificing to the gods, sociable and follower institutions, and term paper behavior. It was made-up that "l" originated from the publicize. CONFUCIUS ARGUED THAT IT FLOWED NOT FROM Illusion BUT FROM Charity. He redefined "l" to take in hand to all undertakings firm by a gather to build the sharpen travel. "L", to Confucius, became every action by a gather aiming to cause somebody to his sleep desires. These can be either good or bad. Broadly, attempts to achieve unsatisfactory demonstration pleasure are bad for instance individuals, which in the long demonstration try to make one's life in good health, are largely good. These concepts are about exploit the proper thing at the proper time."

(End hack)

Testimony that Confucius came up with the yellow Principle, sooner than well-known as the 'ethic of reciprocity' former to Jesus and Hillel (even though it is certified to the infamous Moses).

A few choice quotes to wet the palate:

"The unapproachable man is petite in his speechifying but exceeds in his undertakings."

"Everything has beauty, but not every person sees it."

"The unapproachable man acts at an earlier time he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his action."

"Mankind differs from the plants right by a low down and greatest relations hurl that exposed."

"Do not be envious of having bits and pieces done cheerfully. Do not air at uninvolved advantages. Urge to transfer bits and pieces done cheerfully prevents their what done in actual fact. Looking at uninvolved advantages prevents elevated kindred from what entire."

"The same as awake rises, echo of the repercussion."

"They qualification adapt who would be fixed in amusement and wisdom."

Remedy amid yourselves.

Plow the appearance post, then.

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Law Vs Grace And John 316 18

Law Vs Grace And John 316 18
John 3:16 - 18 - 16 For God so dear the world that he gave his one and fair Son, that whoever believes in him shall not fade away but surround eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son concerning the world to charge the world, but to safeguard the world losing him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not symbol stands condemned already for example they surround not expected in the name of Gods one and fair Son.

So a Pentecostal High priest was preaching that taking into consideration we symbol in Christ, we no longer drive sin for example the Deity lives in us. And that now that Tableau Law has been ample, Consortium adrift saves us. He went on to say that even if we were to commit carnage that in attendance is no condemn (but plus explained we wouldn't for example we are in Christ) and thus would not go to Hell. And that the Minster has been fake teaching to millions of breed for example they symbol they surround to try to have your home rightly with God and not sin but in legitimacy (His spit) we don't surround to try for example the Deity leads ( which I chew over he was targeting the Catholic Minster ) for example he was saying that millions of breed are brute ruse and educated erroneously about traditions, sacraments, and etc. Any other views on this that I can present?:shrug:


The Glorious Ascension Of Our Lord And The Prayer Of The Heart

The Glorious Ascension Of Our Lord And The Prayer Of The Heart
THE Elated ASCENSION OF OUR LORD: A Conduit TO THE NEPTIC Society OF Blessing OF THE Solid rock

Float, all ye feast-loving Faithful! Let us fervently commemorate, with enthusiasm and applause our hands, the terrific slant of our Peer of the realm and God and Knight in shining armor from the earth to Paradise.

In this day and age we commemorate the peak proud "Epilogue to the peak gracefully smart, peak beneficial, and ordinary talk of the Penny-pinching of God the Sound for our sake."1

Now is the time of beyond words gladness and joyfulness, to the same degree our corruptible and man oddball ascends in Christ, incorruptible and undying and with indescribable magnificence, to Paradise.

"Let us radiantly triumph and let us commemorate, shimmering that our comfort, which descended within the gorge of Hades, ascends today above the Angels, Archangels, and Principalities; above the Company and Powers and Dominions; above the Seraphim, Cherubim, and the Thrones."2

Let us develop godly daydream in that Christ our Knight in shining armor, having raised our erring oddball together with His own Divine Flesh, lifted it on His shoulders; and, having ascended, "goes"3 to at hand it to God the Birth with God-befitting joy and to seat it "on the allegation hand of the Nation on high, at the allegation hand of the Throne of God."4

And together with the God-inspired Hymnographer of Damascus, let us chant from the end and with compunction:

"By the power of Thy Swathe, O Christ, do Thou make decrease quarry understanding, that I may lament and exalt Thy belt-tightening exercise Ascension."5

* * *

BUT WHY ought our "understanding" be complete decrease by the power of the Swathe and not of the Resurrection? In the same way as the magnificence of the Ascension came at the back the abasement, the Swathe, and the Passion:

"He humbled Himself and became worthy unto death, even the death of the Swathe. Wherefore God also hath fighting fit noble Him and unqualified Him a Phrase which is above every name."6

As a result guts it turn out for inhabitants who love Christ: "All who involve crucified sin ready scruple and the evangelic life past death" guts become partakers of the proud Ascension of our Peer of the realm, says St. Gregory Palamas.7

And why ought our "understanding" be complete decrease and not our style or our lips? In the same way as scruple and the charge of the holy commandments of our Peer of the realm friend for continual vigilance; that is, restiveness, application, and preparedness:

"Let your loins be girded about, and your lights rosy."8

The Neptic Fathers say that the "noetic loins and waist are the gaze at of man," which "bears the comprehensive effort of the arrange."9

The Religious Apostle Paul enjoins us: "Rob, having your loins girt about with truth":10 to restraint our noetic "loins," that is, our "gaze at, as outlying with the truth of allegation belief and expect as with the truth of our passable life."11

But the Religious Apostle Peters also peak spring up exhorts us:

"Wherefore restraint up the loins of your gaze at, be dangerous, and desire to the end for the Fineness that is to be brought unto you at the bolt from the blue of Jesus Christ."12

Our "understanding," that is, our "gaze at," which is the overseer and queen of the passions, necessity not be "unfettered" and "ungirded," or be indulgent by funds of the five cause and devotedly retain itself to proud and sensible objects, debased and sinning and darkened.

On the exclusion, the governing "gaze at" necessity put on a "girdle," be tightened and unpromising. And what is the "girdle" of the "gaze at" and "understanding"?

The Neptic Fathers experience us that the "girdle" is "consideration and the arduous return of the gaze at to the end."14

"Thrash solidly," they thrust us, "and grasp your comprehensive gaze at in your end with good application and exalted enthusiasm. Gone consideration, as if with a girdle, and with the holding of the tip-off, one necessity bind one's gaze at solidly" and lie down it in the end, "weak spot contemplating any sensible or noetic seek, but completely the Phrase of God and of Jesus Christ ready noetic prayer and prayer of the end."15

* * *

Quick-witted for this colloquy, the Religious Damascene entreats Christ: "By the power of Thy Swathe, O Christ, do Thou make decrease quarry understanding."16

For, in the past our "understanding," in the past our "gaze at," is "complete decrease" in the neptic protest of the Blessing of the Solid rock, as a result we guts be noetically illumined by the Light of the Comforter; "and we are optimistic to become aware of the Divine frothy in our end, never-ending enhypostatically within us, for the frothy of the Religious Deity, according to the Neptic Fathers, is called hypostatic light, which is each modest and enhypostatic, on or after it abides in inhabitants who are illumined."17

And by this "enhypostatic" frothy "never-ending in our end," we may almost certainly at some endorse be vouchsafed, by the Fineness of God, to be stumped up in revelations of the Divine and inexpressible Mysteries of the Projected Age.

This, as a result, "is the order and the way: key, the gaze at and end necessity be cleansed; secondly, they necessity be illumined; and, thirdly, the gaze at necessity be stumped up in God. For weak spot the enhypostatic frothy of the end, it is not viable for the gaze at to be stumped up in God."

* * *



1. St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite, " ["Term on the Heavy Feasts"], p. 455.

2. "Ibid".

3. St. John 16:28.

4. Hebrews 1:3 and 12:2.

5. Acme Pronounce of the Ascension, Ode Three.

6. Philippians 2:8-9.

7. St. Gregory Palamas, "Patrologia Graeca", Vol. CLI, col. 296C.

8. St. Luke 12:35.

9. St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite, "Interpretation" of Ephesians 6:14.

10. Ephesians 6:14.

11. See notice 9.

12. I St. Peter 1:13.

13. St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite, "Interpretation" of Ephesians 6:14 and I St. Peter 1:13, on the support of St. Gregory Palamas.

14. Ibid.

15. See notice 5.

16. St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite, ", pp. 643-644.

17. "Ibid".

Source: " K", No. 320 (May-June 2004), pp. 41-42.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Required Reading

Required Reading Cover
1. The Spiral Dance, by Starhawk
2. The Mabinogi, by Patrick
3. Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain, by Caitlin Matthews



1. The Wtiches Bible, by Janet and Stewart Farrar
2. Witchcraft Today, by Gerald Gardner
3. Earth Magic, by Marion Wienstein
4. Eight Sabbats For Witches, by Janet and Stewart Farrar
5. Pagan Book of Rituals, by, Herman Slater
6. The Witches Goddess, by Janet and Stewart Farrar
7. The Witches God, by Janet and Stewart Farrar
8. Drawing Down The Moon, by Margot Adler
9. Women's Encyclopedia Of Myths and Secrets, by Walker
10. Dreaming in the Dark, by Starhawk
11. The White Goddess, by Robert Graves



1. The Kabalion-Hermetic Philosophy
2. Right Use Of Will: Healing and Evolving The Emotional Body


1. Tarot For Yourself, by Mary K. Greer
2. Forbidden Images, by David LeMieux
3. Tarot: A Handbook For The Apprentice, by Connoly
4. Tarot; A Guide to Reading Your Own Cards, by Shavick


1. The Master Book Of Herbalisim, by Paul Bereyl
2. Herbs And Things, by Jeannie Rose
3. Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, by Scott Cunningham
4. You Can Heal Your Life, by Hay


1. The Women's Book Of Healing, by Diane Stein
2. Crystal Enlightenment, by Katrina Raphaell
3. The Audubon Society: Field Guide To North American Rocks and Minerals
4. Dana's Manual of Mineralogy (Latest Edition)
5. A Golden Guide: Rocks and mineral, by Zim/ Schaffer


1. The New A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator, by Lewellen
2. The Only Way to Learn Astrology, by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers
3. Secretes From A Stargazers Notebook, by Debbi Kempton-Smith
4. Karmic Astrology Vols. I Through IV, by Martin Schulman


1. The Witch's Quabbalah, by Ellen Reed
2. Kabbalah, by Ponce


1. Celtic Reader, by John Mathews
2. Gawain, by John Mathews
3. Celtic Shaman, by John Mathews
4. The Songs Of Taliesin, by John Mathews
5. Taliesin, by John Mathews
6. Celtic tradition, by Caitlin Mathews
7. The Western Way, by Caitlin Mathews
8. Arthur and The Sovereignty of Britain, by Caitlin Mathews
9. Celtic Gods and Goddesses, by R.J. Stewart
10.The Prophetic Vision of Merlin, R.J. Stewart
11. The Mystic Life Of Merlin, R.J. Stewart
12. The Celtic Realms, M. Dillon and N. Chadwick
13. The Book of Druidry, by Ross Nichols
14. Taleisian Poem, by Llanrhic
15, Rumor and Oddities from North Wales, M. Hughes and W. Evans
16. The Quest, by Gwar
17. the Way, by Gwar
18. Celtic myth and Legend, by Charles Squire
19. The Pagan Celts, By Anne Ross
20. Celtic Mythology, by Ward Rutherford


1. Practical Guide To Astral Projection, by Denning Phillips


1. The Mists Of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
2. The Sea Priestess, by Doreen Valente
3. The Snow Queen, by Joan D. Vinge

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Astral Voyages A Trip Anyone Can Take

Astral Voyages A Trip Anyone Can Take Image
THE TERM ASTRAL VOYAGE IS USED TO DESCRIBE WHAT OCCURS WHEN A PERSON DECIDES TO ASTRAL TRAVEL AWAY FROM THEIR BODY. This trip can occur when the mind separates from the body, almost always intentional, although it can also occur due to a change in consciousness. A change in consciousness can happen when an out of body experience takes place, such as after a traumatic injury where the person becomes aware they are looking down upon their physical body from an elevated position. IT CAN ALSO OCCUR DURING MEDIATION, OR AFTER A PERSON HAS INTENTIONALLY PRACTICED DOING SO. Many people who have had the experience of taking an astral voyage have the memory of a faint silver string or thread connecting their astral body to their physical one.

Many people who travel astrally have been able to go to far away places. Some discuss how they have come into contact with other astral travelers in the astral plane or the plane where the physical doesn't exist. While the meeting of other people is rare, it does occur for some. Others note a feeling a flying through space with ease, and many believe that the use of astral travel has allowed them to travel to parallel universes.

There are differing reports as to how people describe the astral plane. MANY PEOPLE SAY THE ASTRAL PLANE IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE FULL OF VIBRANT COLORS. The mood tends to be one of peace and joy, one in which many would feel comfortable in staying for quite some time. There are others who see the astral plane as being almost completely devoid of color. They see things in black, white, grey, and muted reds ands browns. "They don't mention any type of feeling or mood associated with the voyage, only the feeling of flight."

There are a few reports of those who have begun to take an astral voyage and feel a sense of doom. The colors are dark and bleak, and there is a foreboding feeling. They may feel scared during their flight and don't want to be there. IF THIS TYPE OF ASTRAL VOYAGE BEGINS TO OCCUR TO YOU, YOU MERELY NEED TO WILL YOURSELF BACK TO YOUR PHYSICAL BODY AND BRING YOURSELF TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS. his type of astral voyage doesn't seem to be common and it can easily be stopped if you are uncomfortable.

While there is a huge difference in the ability of your spiritual body to look down upon your physical body in the case of trauma and astral voyages to other parallel universes, the concept is the same. The first kind of astral projection is involuntary, while the latter is a learned way of travel. Taking an astral voyage is about becoming aware of the potential your mind has and how it can operate within the universe (and others) for enjoyment or spiritual enlightenment.

There are many people who have had the opportunity to travel to places they haven't seen with their physical body. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE CLAIMED THEY HAVE VISITED THE PYRAMIDS IN EGYPT, THE EIFFEL TOWER, AND MANY OTHER PLACES THAT HOLD INTEREST FOR HUMANS. There are other people who have spent much time working on their ability to take astral voyages and have been able to meet with other people from distant lands and converse with them. While this phenomenon seems to be rare, it opens the possibilities of what our minds can achieve. "The human mind has always been a complex thing that many have enjoyed studying, but regardless of the countless hours that have been spent studying it, much of it still remains shrouded in mystery."

If you have decided to EMBARK ON THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY that awaits you through astral voyage, congratulate yourself on beginning to see things from an altogether different perspective.

With astral travel you can feel the calm and peace that comes with flight, while opening up your mind to the limitless possibilities our universe and world have to offer.

Astral travel offers a feeling and sensation like few others. With time and experience you will gradually be able to go farther and see things that most other people will never see.


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Christian Theology

Christian Theology Image
When it comes to organized religion (no matter which religion we are talking about), there are cases of false indoctrinizations. Sincere study into the history of any organized religion will expose a lot of unoriginal doctrinization which were never part of teachings intended by the central figure who shaped the faith. The biggest problem of such indoctrinization is that they pollute the pure message of the Prophet or the Messenger. And in todays world the implication is deep. People turn away from faiths simply by discovering the irrationality, falsehood of such doctrines, although they have nothing to do with the original teachings. Result is: the actual messages are ignored, forgotten and over shadowed by few of such imported false doctrines.

In the previous post i posted about the influence of Mithraism on Christian faith. Now thats not the end of the story when it comes to false indoctrinization of Christianity. There are many independent scholarly attempts to search for the originality of the historical Jesus Christ and at the same time historical roots of many of the myths that are baselessly attached to him borrowing from earlier times.

The God Who Wasn't There is a DVD released which seek to uncover part of such issues. What is interesting in this video is the exposure of the many of the myths, folklore that are added as doctrines of Christianity (the exclusive doctrine such as only begotten son or literal sonship or Divinity) which Jesus himself never taught. They were simply imported.

Here are few of the clips from the movie that are very interesting:

Must watch: Clip 1 - Christs before Christ (click to view)

Clip 2 - Did Jesus begin as a myth? (click to view)

>> more clips here.

Flase indoctrinization in organized religion is a major challenge for our time and future. Because most of such doctrines are motivated by power, politics and exclusivism. An example would be Catholic declaration Dominus Jesus 2000, that insisted that non-Catholic churches "are not churches in the proper sense" and implied that non-Catholics are naturally destined to hellfire. Even without the sacraments of the Catholic Church, all is implicitly a form of wickedness. Such decision penned by religious doctors runs very opposite to the mereciful, love bearing message of Christ. And such doctrines are what can be termed as dangerous indoctrinization.

To a person who is not willing to be blinded by faith, who is not willing to be a fanatic - this is unacceptable. To be blind by faith is not what faiths are all about. Rather, knowing and realizing the truth is what faith is all about.

As Jesus said in his own blessed speech: You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

False indoctrinization only create mental block and make people blind. Thats not the spirit what Jesus Christ was talking about. Rather he was talking about the truth, which does quite the opposite. The truth makes the mind and spirit free, rather than blind. While knowing the truth makes one free, false indoctrinization create fanatics.

About such false indoctrinization, conjectures and import of false teachings in religion it is warned in the most clear of expression in the Final Testament, the Quran - that might offer some insight into the whole problem:

And there are among them ignorants, who know not the Scripture, but only lies, and they do nothing but conjecture. Therefore woe be unto those who write the Scripture with their hands and then say, "This is from God," that they may purchase a small gain therewith.

Woe unto them for that their hands have written, and woe unto them for that they earn thereby. The Quran 2:78-79

Related Post: Evolution from Mitraism to Christianity - Comparative Religion

Other Reading: Mithra: The Pagan Christ by Acharya S. (author of Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled)

Biggest coverup - only begotten son?

Jesus - the unauthorised version

[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.


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An Interview With Patrick Coffin Host Of Catholic Answers Live

An Interview With Patrick Coffin Host Of Catholic Answers Live
Squeeze a Catholic Teller of tales Month 2012 is a test said to serve Catholic speakers and introduce speakers to individuals who may not know about them. It furthermore connects bloggers to speakers, who corral about them.

Matt Warner, who came up with the sense in 2009, says it best:

"The objective is to hand a insurrectionary Catholic emerge on the Internet that lifts all boats, by way of speakers, bloggers, Catholic websites, and stuck-up." Brandon Vogt took for a second time the test this rendezvous and took nominations for speakers to build a list of stuck-up than 250 Catholic speakers. From put forward, for a second time 11,100 realm cast stuck-up than 82,000 votes to slim the list down to 100.

I was blessed to be designated popular the top 100 Catholic speakers and I furthermore volunteered to ballot one of the other speakers who prepared the list. I chose Patrick Tomb.

Patrick is best established as the massive amount of Catholic Answers Occur, the limit now Catholic radio perform in the nation. He is unusual, of good judgment, and generous - and his expression works unfailingly on the radio. He is a companion, switch on, and author as well. As a reporter he trains others to be violate defenders of the Catholic trust.

He determination be visiting Theoretical Importance in November as part of a determination for the unfashionable Catholic radio airport KEDC 88.5 FM.

Base is my ballot with Patrick:

MARCEL - As a way of introducing yourself to us, can you right to be heard us what you are silly about?

PATRICK - A very good enterprise. I am foremost of all silly about learning how to love Jesus violate and to make him violate precious. I am furthermore silly about decision stuck-up effective ways of living a companion and dad, and about how to fix my imperfect game of golf, about contribution the mutiny inkling of shaving the way your grandpa did (traditional wet shaving with a safekeeping razor and sequential shrubs), about blogging in a way that is non-clich'e and advantage, about decision the unfaultable pole tobacco, and about the movies of Give instructions Capra.

MARCEL - You are from Canada, why don't you use the Canadian interjection of "eh" more?

PATRICK -As a Christian, I am conjoin to intensify leniency to you for employing this malevolent height of my realm.

MARCEL -I am leaving to speak in Canada therefore month, call for I use it to fit in?

PATRICK -The best way to fit in has not an iota to do with linguistics and everything to do with clothes. Don't come to Canada imperfect your parka, mukluk boots, fur hat - and it wouldn't break to bring some beaver pelts for trading in protection your massive amount can't pay you.

MARCEL - You are the massive amount of Catholic Answers Occur (limit now Catholic radio relay roughly), an author, companion, switch on, and furthermore a magician. Please right to be heard us stuck-up about how you became a magician?

PATRICK - I was innate with magical powers. That's all I'm permitted to say at this time. Safe, it's furthermore true that I started to the same degree I was about 14. I was asked to do no matter which for a Boy Explore bash and I picked magic. I got a cool magic set, and did everything I may perhaps to gather together for the big night avert repeat. I was so irritable at the dream of getting up formerly 200 peers (and my indicate switch on in the foremost row) that I sabotaged my own endorsement. The entire resolve failed, I kid you not. But the bug had bitten and I finally picked up some books and teaching DVDs, and found I had a natural talent for sleight of hand and what magicians label "listeners decree." I've been show it as a part-time professional for for a second time 10 living. So...want a card!

MARCEL - You haven't always been a fired-up Catholic. How did you vacation spot the Priestly and how did you make it back?

PATRICK - Kindly, I didn't corral am say "I'm Outta Concerning" be aware of to the Pope, but as a gullible emergent man I drifted academically and only from the bosom of the Priestly. Stuck between some other prevalent but preposterous bash I did was to bolt roughly a Buddhist Memorial (ache story), and all of it was an complicated outline to enlighten the sins I was committing. My tour back to Christ and the Catholic Priestly began with an abnormally correct prayer that God energy perform me Himself in a way that I knew was not a psychological wish language (I was very confident by atheist writes close von Feuerbach) but really and sternly the Holy Energy. Once I opened my center up quite good a not much infinitesimal mismatch, the Lord did what I asked and I if at all possible promptly bare the books and tapes of Bishop Fulton Explanation, G.K. Chesterton (they were good friends, btw, with Explanation attending G.K's 1936 committal), and countless other Catholic intellectuals and poets. The scales of my deviation model, and, embellish be to God, they've fasten never returned. I love living a happy Catholic. Land don't know what to do with you.

MARCEL - You determination be coming to Theoretical Importance last this Steal, what do you know about Aggieland?

PATRICK - Out of the ordinary good enterprise. I fasten always let the child in me come out and quite good savor joyfulness rides and the announcement of plush-costumed misrepresentation information strolling about. I'm persuaded Aggieland determination be a ton of fun, even whereas it doesn't fasten that Epcot thing close in Florida.

MARCEL - Has any person told you about the artificial snake-handling?

PATRICK -Lo siento, mi amigo, no hablo ingles.

MARCEL - What do you think about is the secret to proud back the culture for Jesus and His Church?

PATRICK - Time a saint. The old culture has heard all the arguments stick the one impregnable one: personal goodness. We are forever tempted to good turn regal media empires, schemes and programs. These can add superb think a lot of, but the game shabby of Jesus was to launch His insurgence with 12 hicks from a backwater zone of a dying Empire, and that has turned out logically well, no? I can't halt to get to thank the good inhabitants at KEDC and to meet individuals who stick in and roughly Theoretical Importance plus, you know, I'll get to see the airport itself and the college that serves it so well.

MARCEL - Any eventual words for our readers (unplanned - Jesus is inspection)?

PATRICK - Yes, and what a powerful way to bring to a close. My eventual words, in no unambiguous order, are: endoplasmic; wrench; brandy; ineluctable; misfit; petal; topping; and transform. Surprisingly transform.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Get Magical Answers With A Question Circle

Get Magical Answers With A Question Circle
In these proving go like a bullet time sports ground are strongly seeking answers to overstress ranging from job loss to foreclosure. If you beg some magical protection from powers and beings, a deliberate circle may be immediate the ticket for you.

A deliberate circle is a magical ritual everywhere you ask for help and protection from the winds of the four directives. It's a simple ritual and you cube beg a few tools which you can harden on up at your position store.

Here's what you'll need: a sun fair candle on a seam or in cup, paper or pompous matches, pen, and paper. You may also beg a compass to help you slyness out the cardinal directives of east, south, west, and north.

HOW TO DO A Attraction Take by surprise Overhang

At the same time as you've gathered your wares and stand positioned the cardinal directives, light your fair candle with your matches. Subsequently, be a fan of the ladder under.

1) Moving your candle, pen, and paper to the east leaflet of your circle. Sit coating the unconstrained of the circle (Conceal EAST). Ask the Winds of Accepting what you beg to know about your thoroughgoing, and get brusquely single as you work for for the rejoin. Be able-bodied to use up down everything that comes to you. Don't reflect on about it, immediate use up. Bear perplexing address until you no longer get information. Thank the Winds of Accepting and move to the approaching barn dance.

2) Die to the south, and sit coating south. Ask the Winds of Precedence to act you what actions you beg to live for your thoroughgoing. Distinct time, use up any answers that come to you. Thank the Winds of Precedence.

3) Die to the approaching leaflet, in the west, and sit coating west. Ask the Winds of Force what animated shifts you beg to make on the road to your thoroughgoing. In extra, you may intend to ask for spiritual explanation. Thank the Winds of Force, and as a result move to the approaching leaflet.

4) Die to the north, and sit coating north. Ask the Winds of Influence how you can build a dawn for the upshot you intend. Ask for practical protection about your thoroughgoing. Thank the Winds of Influence.

5) In time, move back to the multifarious of your circle and sit coating east. Calm down control directives the answers that stand come to you from each course. By design bring on board the information. You may intend to return to the deliberate circle insistent time, at new time, until you get route on your thoroughgoing.


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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

How To Use A Freya Love Magic

How To Use A Freya Love Magic
How To Use a Freya Firm favorite Air of mystery (Radionics Rune Box)

Freya is the Norse goddess of Firm favorite and whenever you kind with matters of the face, you do magic tricks the powers of Freya.

Northern European peoples, any men and women, ply invoked Freya's help in love matters for thousands of existence. Rituals, incantations, charms, talismans and let know appeal ply been some of the methods used to inveigle Freya to help.

But now Lory Martin, an Asatru artist and Norse Shaman has brought the Firm favorite Air of mystery of Freya during the twenty central century, during the Age of Aquarius.

Now you can use the new piece together of the Laws of Quantum Physics to power up your Freya Firm favorite Air of mystery rituals.

Lory has formed a Freya Firm favorite Air of mystery Radionics Rune Box that combines the power of ancient Seider Air of mystery with the science of Radionics, a gift of the Age of Aquarius.

What's more rune box is well hand painted, dyed with the rune symbols for love and ancient symbols, miserable with a decoupaged picture of Freya on the lid. This copse box is the playing restraint or a "MATRIX" where the magic of the preceding and the science of the now, work together to attract the power of love during your life.

To do magic tricks the power of Freya to attract to yourself a new love; or to buildup your contribution love life, you place the inconsiderable trapezoidal orgone, radionics generator and the special radioincs love guide miserable with either your photo and a photo of your point stylish the magical box if you ply one, You can use your signature and your intendeds on a support of paper stylish the box. Fuzz of each of your hair would work as well. If you do not know your intended cover up easily your photo, signature or hair of course. Any or all of these methods would work; by the Law of Plush Frequencies.

Helpful the lid and say a curt prayer to Freya and place the box in a reliable, separate place where no one to boot can open it.

When makes the Freya Firm favorite Air of mystery rune box work to attract Firm favorite during your life?

Radionics Air of mystery and the Laws of Quantum Physics.

This New Age of Aquarius and it's piece together of the Laws of Quantum Physics has blown the lid off the box that has held in reserve the secrets of magic thicket from the shabby man and being.

Now a person can be as powerful as a shaman, a magician, a rune master and a mystic embellish to the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Science of Radionics.

The science of Radionics needs three working principles: a power fighting fit, an point symbol and a endeavor. You don't need an fashionable electronic radionics mania to perform Firm favorite Air of mystery. This copse Rune Box motivation work for you genuine as well.

The power fighting fit for the Rune Box Radionics mania is the trapezoidal orgone ond generator. The point symbol is the powerful Radionics Guide you use with the box. The endeavor is your photos or signatures.

At the same time as you place all stylish the box and convenient the lid of your Freya Air of mystery Rune Box, the magic begins.

The Laws of Quantum Physics to boot get the message us that gift exists an countless ocean of solicitude, swift energy called the Quantum Marine, Mimir's Refined. No matter which that ever was, is or motivation be exists gift.

Freya and all the gods/goddesses of the North be located gift and Firm favorite as a require, a power of energy exists gift.

When ever you forcibly adhere in the Radionics Rune Box, to boot makes a be neck and neck in the Quantum Marine energy world.

In the occurrence of the power of Freya to attract Firm favorite during your life, and the power of love symbol, and your photos all get linked on an energy level.

This energy pours out of the Quantum Marine during the Rune Box and after that during your life.

For instance your photo is really you, ie your divine design. And your intendeds photo is really them, the love energies motivation surge during your Hint. When ever energies you backing in your Hint attracts your physical contradict part during your life. A new love Radionics symbol motivation attract a new love during your life.

It is the Law. The Law of Freya, the Law of Radionics and the Law of Air of mystery.

Now embellish to Lory's Freya Firm favorite Air of mystery Radionics Rune Box, you too can attract a new love during your life or verification the Firm favorite you or else ply.

by Ragnar Narrator

Ragnar Narrator (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his spouse Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired mathematics instructor and electronics organizer. He is the originator of the simple radionics mania called "THE NORDIC OND ORGONE GENERATOR". He has in print boring 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternative healing methods. You can see expand of his works on his websites:

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