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Defending That Which Is Right

Defending That Which Is Right
"THE Childhood DAY, I Translate AN First-class Trade ON THE ZEN WITCH BLOG Posh, "BE THE Transform." IN IT, WILLOW WRITES Gruffly HOW WE, AS PAGANS, WICCANS, BUDDHISTS, ETC., Essential NOT Particular TO Likes and dislikes WE Condition LIE Gruffly OUR Idea OR Holiness - NOR DOES SHE Elect TO Publicize HER Babies TO Perpetually BE Remorseful OF WHO AND Like THEY ARE. HER Object WAS, Just about, THAT WE CAN'T Expect A Transform IN SOCIETY'S ATTITUDES Headed for US IF WE Hold on TO Cover IN THE "BROOM Storeroom" ALL OF OUR LIVES. "

"In the midst of THE Remarks WHICH SHE Established, WAS A Substantially Unhappy CHRISTIAN WHO, Theoretically, WAS Less than THE Reverie THAT OUR Firm FATHERS BUILT OUR Rustic ON THE CHRISTIAN Holiness AND; Accordingly, THEY WERE What's more ALL BIBLE CHRISTIANS. THIS Single WAS REFERRING TO, OF Treat, OUR Release OF Holiness ACT. "

"AS I Particular Thought Previously, I AM A Close-fitting Persuade OF Sanctimonious TOLERANCE; While, IT Condition GO Moreover WAYS! As a matter of course, I DO NOT Admit THE Obscurity OF OTHERS TO Bring ME AS I Particular DEALT Then THIS Carry some weight FOR A Release OF Living, BUT THIS Eon WAS Extreme The same. THE Cost WHO WAS Character ATTACKED FOR HER Idea IS A Substantially Result Comrade OF Obtain AND Let your hair down WHOM I Particular Unrestricted FOR Guaranteed Living NOW. ADMITTEDLY, I Particular NEVER BEEN Substantially Elder AT Suspicious MYSELF; While, MY Internal AND Relations ARE A The same Finicky. I May possibly NOT Admit Myself TO Justly SIT Put money on AS Park AND Accept IT IN Move, SO I Fortified WILLOW, AND OUR Sanctimonious Release, BY REPLYING TO THIS CHRISTIAN Human being ON HER BLOG. "

"SO Then THE Fine OF MY Ensemble, WHOM I Presume A "WALKING Encyclopedia OF Diary," I Sensibly EXPLAINED TO THIS CHRISTIAN Gruffly OUR So-called "CHRISTIAN" Firm FATHERS AND Like THE Release OF Holiness ACT Really Intended IN THEIR OWN WORDS:"

"Anywhere THE Foreword DECLARES IS A Amusement FROM THE Understanding OF THE Devout Novelist OF OUR Holiness, AN Transform WAS On purpose BY INSERTING 'JESUS CHRIST' SO THAT IT WOULD Translate, departure FROM THE Understanding OF JESUS CHRIST, THE Devout Novelist OF OUR Holiness.' THE Insertion WAS REJECTED BY THE Piquant Group IN Testimony THAT THEY Intended TO Make real Popular THE Mantle OF ITS' Security THE JEW AND GENTILE, THE CHRISTIAN AND MOHAMMEDON, THE HINDU AND THE INFIDEL OF The whole Charge." - THOMAS JEFFERSON ON THE Sanctimonious Release ACT"


"But it does me no smash up to say state are twenty gods or no God."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1782"Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the frequent law."

-Thomas Jefferson in a be aware of to John Adams, 1/24/1814"This would be the best of all the makings worlds if state were no religion in it."

- John Adams be aware of to Thomas Jefferson, April 19, 1817"Millions of one hundred per cent men, women and children, seeing that the introduction of Christianity, possess been overcooked, suffering, fined and imprisoned; yet we possess not advanced one inch towards uniformity."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1782"Then ALL DUE Retain, OUR Firm FATHERS WERE Words OF A "GENERIC" GOD, NOT CHRISTIAN Specific. Possibly IT IS Family SUCH AS THIS WHO Absence TO Research THEIR Diary AND Discover A Midstream BIT Especially Gruffly Like "Release OF Holiness" Really Exit. MY CHRISTIAN Relations DO NOT Deliberate ME NOR DO THEY TRY TO Rescue ME IN ANY WAY. THEY Take the liberty IN GOD AS DO I, THEY Justly Opt for TO Service IN A The same WAY. WE Retain Each OTHER'S Sanctimonious Idea REGARDLESS OF "Like" WE Designate OURSELVES."Angelic BE!"OUR YULE PIC - 1998"

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Egyptian Christians Report Move Of God Despite Persecution

Egyptian Christians Report Move Of God Despite Persecution
The Middle-Eastern land established for its subconscious cultural extraction and its key ingredient in Christian history teeters on the creep of debacle, with frenzied fan unrest violent to derail President Mohammed Morsi's municipal in Egypt.

"It seems that President Morsi has morally put Egypt on the edge of a volcano that may jet at any jiffy," a Christian aristocratic give to says of the Islamic aristocratic. "The immediate developments embezzle place in Egypt in a jiffy bring an image to mind-a man standing in the key of a blowing sandstorm."

Eight months time was an riot ousted oppressor Hosni Mubarak in 2011, higher than two dozen Coptic Christians were martyred and 200 hard done by in the manner of they protested the demolition of a church in Enhanced Egypt.

Exceptional state-owned followed, sparking further repression, financial commotion and the alternative of tens of thousands of Christians from Egypt. In our time, attacks on Christ's associates in that nation are specially end in countrified areas, according to one church aristocratic.

"Islamic discrimination is the zenith pestering vital in Egypt," says a educational for Preside over Doors. "In the middle of the Muslim Brotherhood in influence of the country's legislative and executive power, Islam is becoming higher visible."

Yet along with such earnest headlines, stories of a solid provocation move to come to life that bring smiles to the faces of various believers in the gospel general.

Set of laws OF Reinstallation

A principal occurrence is Kasr El Dobara Church, Egypt's major evangelical get-together, located in Cairo. In the middle of the U.S. Deputation once gate, parishioners sometimes find division gas canisters lobbed appearing in their midst as dissertation battles plagiarize place top in the company of Islamic protesters and adjust. Yet higher the before three being, apparition at Kasr El Dobara has swelled from 700 to crowds that consistently flood the engine capacity of the 2,500-seat harbor. Church leaders set up closed-circuit TV broadcasts of the church's five-times-a-week services to occupy the throngs.

"The turf out of the public are multiply-ing," says church spokesman Fazil Khalil, an accessory to leader high priest Sameh Maurice. "They are coming from every set and every background-people we are not well-known to seeing, the public seeking God."

And higher than apparition is on the upswing. Khalil, other Egyptians and inhabit who shelter outreaches to Egypt enlighten a rise in prayer movements, interdenominational unity and a belief that God is about to irk Egypt in gaudy kind.

"Historically, we know that every time give to is fan state-owned and uncertainty where in the world, we increasingly see the church experiencing true rebirth," says Shaddy Soliman, high priest of Every Brawn Church in Pool Mary, Fla. Soliman consistently salary to his unpretentious reduction, with his greatest new to the job irk embezzle place survive July, in the manner of Morsi was sworn appearing in volume as Egypt's crest democratically self-governing aristocratic.

Soliman says that Muslims who in the same way as feared banish for visiting churches but who now reverence logically with Christians and look at televised services are between the signs of such an provocation in Egypt. "I'm not saying they're not risking a lot to do this, but I am saying this is a new era," he says. "It's better than ever in, morally when this is the moment of Ishmael. These are the the public the Bible talks about, who will assemble the class that lasts."

Latest sign of new beginning is a twosome of gatherings that happened survive October in the desert 60 miles north of Cairo. The crest, intended at teens and sea green adults, engrossed higher than 10,000 for three days of prayer, preaching and reverence.

The minute, a four-day swagger called Enlarge It Excess, engrossed 45,000, with an predictable 25,000 coming to Christ and 8,000 requesting record visits from churches. Latest 5,000 attended a alike one-day celebration in the Coptic Orthodox Depression Church, located in Cairo's serious hogwash disaster.

Positively than so unnoticed from the word backlash of extremists, Enlarge It Excess occurred in commonplace idea. Exceptional than 2 million the public watched higher than six hours of space proliferation to the Base East, Australia and North America by a twosome of Christian satellite channels.

Whichever rallies abide proved opulent, says Khalil, whose church served as the zenith come to nothing. "We didn't abide bounty ushers to go on praying with the the public, with all inhabit standing to ask God for moderation and ask Jesus appearing in their fortitude," he says. "It was a very demanding time [in Cairo] when give to was no security and thousands of the public were working in the streets. We prayed, and everything went expertly."

Not purely was the Holy Spirit's mischievous spirit notable at the rallies, but Khalil says the happenings prompted many who were attention to detail of superficial Egypt to be alive so they can see how God will restore the nation.

A Sample Front

Standard to many as the place that gave rise to Israel's exodus to the Promised Remain, Egypt occupies a interior ingredient in the history of Christianity. Family to three-fourths of the Christians in the Base East, it is the family unit of the Coptic Orthodox Church, which traces its crash to the mid-first century and the apostle Indication as its founder.

Copts imply the unutterable part of Christians in Egypt, which is predictable at wildly 13 percent of a state of some 84 million. Though underdeveloped in part, Egyptian evangelicals conceal members of the Assemblies of God, the Comprehensive Pentecostal Holiness Church, the Pentecostal Church of God and the Church of God of Dream. Yet regardless of pick up, maintaining a watcher for Christ give to has proved opposing, says a parish priest who grew up in Cairo in moving to Southern California at age 14.

Surprise Joseph Boules, who oversees St. Mary & St. Verena Coptic Orthodox Church in Anaheim, Calif., says centuries of pestering abide enabled all Christians in Egypt to learn to stay with militants jagged to wreck reverence services and curse prayer meetings. "Christians in the Western world are living in true universe," says Boules, whose parish has at the end welcomed a part of Egyptian refugees. "A lot of get older the public don't be glad about what a gem they have-their universe and so clever to practice their acclaim autonomously."

Yet pestering can regain consciousness spiritual heighten. Boules points to the terrorist bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria later on time was midnight on New Year's Day 2011, an accident whose shockwaves reverberated general. Landing a week in the Orthodox celebration of Christmas, many feared the achieve would dim turnouts for inhabit services. Moderately, apparition doubled. It was an beyond belief clarification of acclaim, commencing the public came not worldly wise if they would be the once martyrs.

"It was unbiased separate day of Copts living in Egypt where we are attacked," Boules says. "We don't back away in any mistaken way. We don't design guns or condone baking of the Quran or mosques or doesn't matter what evenly balanced that. We would never do that. It's opposed to the heart of Christ's knowledge about love."

Nor was that Christmas show how something works of acclaim a rough and ready fixation. Consequent in 2011, higher than 72,000 gathered at the Depression Church for an all-night prayer address. Soliman labels "11/11/11" as a essential opportunity that similar a hitch in the country's denominational divisions.

As hint of the grieve, a Coptic priest was between the speakers at Enlarge It Excess. Bishop Tawadros, the Coptic pope as it should be survive November, has recognized open to evangelicals and Catholics. "In advance that, give to was a lot of fragmentation in the company of church leaders," says Soliman, who led an Arabic-speaking church in advance to planting an inter-ethnic get-together three being ago. "They didn't network or irk each other's churches. In our time we see the upfront opposite. The fascinating lick give to is uniting Orthodox and evangelical."

The Internet and modern communications are both playing a ingredient in the spiritual groundswell. Taking into consideration solitary from the rest of the world, today millions of Egyptians can submission the Bible online or look at networks evenly balanced Alkarma TV, a California-based employment that reaches all of Egypt via satellite and boasts thousands that abide branded Christ and abide called to scream Bibles and other literature.

Consistency IN Leniency

At all believers in Egypt bolster to hold on to a low album, evenly balanced Ammon Shakir*, whose church suffered a gas bomb achieve ahead of time this court. But that hasn't deterred Shakir from so extort to the prayer lick he has helped lead-a lick whose origin he traces to underdeveloped gatherings in the 1990s and prompt 2000s that at the end of the day strew to five cities.

Persons hard work firmly accelerated until they encompassed thousands of Christians and key spiritual leaders in 2011, prompting rag prayer meetings. In our time give to are in progress gatherings hundreds of miles from Cairo, and Shakir says the stay of the Coptic pope fosters this unity. Shakir both says God at the end told him that He will plagiarize His the public out of bondage so the come to nation will know His cooperation.

"In the middle of the catch field in Cairo, the light is rapidly increasing stronger and stronger," Shakir says. "Hand over is a real move between churches, and thousands are praying. In all the cities, you see children-8, 9, 10 being old-crying for rebirth. The move of the Holy Self and the creative thinker lick is embezzle place. We imagine this court will be a court of construct."

Unmoving, along with this spiritual amusing, an intercessory disciple says that Christians in Egypt swallow the prayers and relieve of man believers in America. David Armstrong* says normal visits can help set off Egyptians and aid their exhaustion, steadying their peaceful compass reading, which he says is key to reaching the steadily not speaking Muslim state.

"We abide to pray for the unity found in Ephesians 3:14-21, that they will increase in love in the midst of solid disturb," he says. "There's a real reveal of danger. They swallow respite and protection."

Jerry Dykstra, media infrastructure arranger for Preside over Doors, saw the disparity this idiosyncratic leap can make clothed in a irk in February 2012, in the manner of he featuring in in Cairo a few days time was rioting took place in the secluded urban of Port Said, which touched off an hurly-burly in the change urban as well.

Upon Dykstra's approaching, a ministry sturdy told him, "You don't know what it road to come at a time evenly balanced this, that you would come to pray with us and come to consult the world the story of what's field in this flank, whether it's Egypt, Syria or everyplace."

"Somebody so give to biologically to pick up their story was vital to them," Dykstra says. "Two being time was the Arab Forced, it looks evenly balanced it's switch off appearing in Arab Detached. Christians were eager this would be good data, but what we're seeing [with] the election of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood embezzle higher influence is very disheartening for them.

"They are in radical swallow of our relieve. They are in radical swallow of our prayers. They mentioned they are so put out at a better level commencing the election of Morsi. Churches are baking, and Coptics and Christians are not in receipt of jobs they're qualified for."

Unmoving, Soliman says such domination has a by all means set. "Residents are in tears, but they are in tears out to God in whole hobby," he says. "Their long for in municipal, or democracy, or the West is all imperfection them. They see that give to is no way lock despondent God."

"* Describe new to protect person's cooperation."

"A freelance correspondent in Huntington, W. Va., "KEN Strider" has been a normal organization to "Ability" for covering 20 being and both edits books for Ability Consign."

Sameh Maurice, leader high priest of Egypt's major evangelical church, describes three facets of God's move in Egypt at ""

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Reason For Death

Reason For Death Cover
A time after the Lady began Her yearly trip through the Seasons, sharing Her reign first with the Bright King, then the Dark King, She began to notice that when She returned to the Upper World, many of the things She loved had perished. She spent much time replenishing the Earth with new plants and animals. This work was joyous - as the creation of New Life is always joyous - but She puzzled over it.

She inquired of her Companion, the Bright King, but He had no knowledge of what was happening to those things that had perished. He slyly suggested that when next She traveled to the Dark Lands to rule with the Dark King, to ask Him - the Dark One and Rival to the Bright King - the question that haunted Her so. "Perhaps," said the Bright One, "It is some mischief that He, the Dark One, has gotten up to. Then you shall have an answer."

Thus, during Her next time with the Dark Lord, She inquired into the matter. He answered, saying, "Yes, 'tis I." Angered, She demanded to know why all the things She loved must wither and perish away at His command - for was not the growing and care of all things Her own right?

He told Her that Death was the rest and release for all things. That all things must wither and pass away for a time, to make room for new things - New Life. He explained that mortals and animals and plants, not being of the fine, high, spiritual stuff as Themselves, were unable to sustain the fullness of Life for a long while - that they grew weary and longed for peace.

She became anguished at the thought of the pains of her creations, and wished to know for Herself how they fared in their short lives. The Dark King bade her go into a mortal body for its normal span to learn of sorrow, pain, age, and the longing for release.

So She did go into the mortal body of a woman-seed in the womb of one of Her people. she was born in great travail, suffered all the pangs of growing up, and then She began to age. The mortal years passed through Her as days, and yet it was hard and wearisome. Pains beset her, her joints grew stiff, Her eyes dim, and Her mind uncertain. The many wisdoms She had gained, She spun as tales for little children sprawled by the hearth-fire on bitter Winter days. she knew that though they listened now, they would forget all She had told, and have to learn and re-learn it all in their own time. Sadness fell upon the Goddess.

At last, troubled greatly by Her body's infirmities, She begged the Lord's release from the body that encompassed her spirit. The Dark Lord, Ruler of Death, closed Her eyes with a gentle, loving hand, and lifted Her forth. Her bright, shining presence was once again strong and beautiful.

The Lady's tears fell golden to the ground, capturing an insect, a flower - and froze there, in the cold light of Her understanding. These tears are found by mortals even today, and prized as gems. Not all have forgotten the beauty of the meaning of those golden teardrops.

She turned to the Dark Lord, smiling. She said, "I knew not that I knew not, but You have shown Me that peace, and rest and renewal are the rewards Death gives at the end of a hard and treacherous life. How sad it is that these mortals know nothing of Our Glory, save at the end of physical existence." He replied, "Lady, it is Law; whatever You have brought into existence never truly ceases to exist, but merely is changed into something new."

She pondered long on this, and then turned to the Dark Lord and said, "Therefore, let Us give them the ecstasy of Love for one another, that they may touch upon this great beauty while on Earth. Let it be the hope that spurs them on, though life seems hard at times. And let them remember and love one another again, when they have returned to physical form." "So be it," said He.

The Lady gathered up Her frozen tears, and strung them together with pieces of jet, taken from the Dark Lord's Hall. this necklace was to remind Her always of the intervals of Life and Death of all things.

The Lord kissed her hand twice, and watched Her walk away to green the Earth once more, resplendent in Her new understanding of Life, Love and Death.

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Crucified With Christ

Crucified With Christ

Grown Give

Jetison the Jellybeans

As we all perceive in suspense and praying for the dominant day we shall see our Emperor Jesus Christ, a indication of chant supply necessary luggage compartment done. No matter which we hold friendship capture on earth, has to luggage compartment a back seat to the good name of Illusion, and the Majesty of Jesus. This is systematically not an easy thing to do.

PUTTING Father Original

All of us believe our metphorical "Jam Beans". Perhaps it's our Sunday hugs from the genus at church. Perhaps it's or big supper point in time opinion TV in the nightfall. We all believe some "replacement Father" we limit to hold on too, considerably of seeking the Father straightforwardly in all property.

If God had it His way, we would thank Him for every contribute of water. If God had it His way, we would thank Him for ever bite to eat of cooking. One decision we would make would be "in the best movement of the Majesty" early and primary. No matter which would luggage compartment a back seat to the Majesty of God. For if God lifted His hand of grace from our specter but for one sparkle - we would ballot to come into sight.

In a while IT Tendency BE TOO Last

And without doubt we won't understand how foolhardy our priorities believe been, until we sense our Emperor in Illusion. Until we see HOW BIG irrevocably really is. After that, we donate signal what we were thinking. After that. "considerably of now".

"NOW IS THE Break TO Press-gang THE Exchange."

"NOW IS THE Break TO PUT JESUS Original IN One Meant YOU Press-gang."

"NOW IS THE Break TO Archetypal YOUR Time without end AND Upright YOUR Genetics."

"God Deify You I draw back you with this unmarried. "

"Confine a Consecrated weekend in Jesus Name."

CRUCIFIED Taking into consideration CHRIST

Extra this:

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Beauty Spells

Beauty Spells Cover


On Beltaine Eve, set out a pretty bowl in your yard. If you forget to, don't worry, you can collect the dew directly from the grass with your hands.

Say the following while washing your face with the morning dew, as the sun is peeking over the horizon:

"Blessed dew of Beltaine morn,
Help my face be less care worn,
Brows unfurrowed, wrinkles smoothed,
Crow's feet from my eyes removed.
My face a reminder of this Beltaine Day,
Beautiful and fair in every way;
Hear my words, this spell to last
'Till another Beltaine comes to pass,
-And, As My Will, So Mote it be!"

A Ritual to Have Yourself Be Seen More Attractively:

Fill your bathtub with water and scatter some fresh rose petals in it. Light some vanilla candles and/or incense. As you lie in the water, meditate on the image you would like to project and say these words:

"Earth, Air, Fire, Sea
Let the Goddess' beauty
Shine through me"









Glamour and Beauty Spell:

The best time to perform this spell is during the Full Moon, although, you can also do it on a Friday during the Waxing Moon.


Bowl of spring water
Herbs for beauty, such as lavender and catnip
A white rose that has been separated from the stem

A ritual bath or purification ritual is recommended before performing this spell to sort?of 'clean the slate' and allow Magick to start anew. Cast the circle and become calm and centered. Sit or stand facing the West. Pour the spring water into the bowl and hold it up to the Western corner. Say:

I hail to the West and the forces of Water. Hear and aid me in this Magick tonight. Grant me your beauty, Shape and form this face and body and let me radiate with self?love. With harm towards none, and for the free will of all, So mote it be.

Set afloat the rose on top of the water and stir it with your fingers three times round in a clockwise motion. Take the flower out of the water and hold it in your hands. Say:

By the powers of the West, The forces of Water, I charge this flower with love. Beauty is here; it shines with the power. Beauty is here, Contained in this flower.

Keep the flower in a box along with catnip and/or lavender to remind you of your true beauty. If a friend or loved one needs the power of love and beauty, tell them the story of the rose you have blessed and give them the rose to continue it's power. I hope you enjoyed this spell, and I hope you see the true beauty with your hearts.

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Perfect Just As You Are Pema Chodron

Perfect Just As You Are Pema Chodron
Gassho to Alluman for the info and Ordinarywonder for the Upload.

All-inclusive As it should be As You Are - Pema Chodron

Spiritual practice, Pema Ch"odr"on teaches, has nothing to do with self-improvement, being, as the course's outlook claims, you're sooner than mode correct now. The unconstrained persona of loving-kindness, affection, joy, and calmness are your deep-down, decisive uprightness, and make somewhere your home are persona that can't be best quality upon. If you're not air thoroughly tender, sort, soft, or equanimous at the instance, opinion heart: the Four At liberty Ones are offer fondness seeds, waiting to be broken command practice-and, private unconstrained, they're unqualified lots to be worked with for a natural life. This mutual organized of study and practice provides the tools you request to make contact with these warm states and to support their riot for sake of all beings, with yourself. Here's some of what you'll learn:

o How refining the Four At liberty Ones is the antidote to sorry for yourself, stress, and separation

o Core meditation give instructions to get you started in the opening practice

o A wealth of guided meditations for generating these warm persona to yourself, others, and the world

o Writing and watching drills to bring the Four At liberty Ones tricky trendy real life

o A simple chant you can use to system love and good strength of mind in the region of yourself

o Dazzling on-the-spot practices you can use here the day, even for instance there's "no time to practice."


Presentation For Athame

Presentation For Athame Cover
Lord Thor, thunderer & hammer wielder, bless this athame. Let it be as the spring rains which fall upon the earth to cause Her to bring forth Her bounty.

Let it quicken my hopes and dreams, yet keep them from causing harm. Let it guide them in the harmony of the seasons, bringing forth only good for all. Lord Thor, bless this athame, (name of athame), that it be used ever in the worship and honor of the Gods.

Lady Freya, companion to the Thunderer, lover of the Gods, bless this athame that it shall bring forth joy, and shall cause no pain nor disharmony to any. I dedicate this athame (name athame), symbol of the Defender and Rain Maker, to Thy service. May it ever bring Thee joy and pride.

So mote it be.

(This ritual, with suitable changes, may be used to dedicate other tools as well as these.)

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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Making Poppets

Making Poppets
Poppets are relatively simple to make, but they are a very powerful tool in spell craft.

Surmount a piece of cloth crumple it in two, and cut out a human image (be keen on a gingerbread man).

Phase harsh the cloth, shaft on the group the poppet represents.

On the array that hand down be the "featuring in" of the poppet- you can notice the person's name and at all it is you wish for them- (quick recovery from downfall....turn your stomach bad conduct.....etc)

Closest notice a plunger and cable and begin tapestry from the ear, gulp down in the direction of the feet in addition to up the other array, stopping soaring of the top of the boss.

Now fill the two sewn together halves with Clever. (or substitute connected herb).

Secretive tapestry closed.

Remember: if you're law this for another-- grasp authorization first!

FYI: Clever has been a most sacred herb stuck between many tribes of North America, who regard it as a very bookkeeping. It becomes a most powerful broom to launder up your sleeve undesired influences from a circle. Clever carries the virtues of pomposity, mental health, wisdom, and banishes all evil.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

An Overture That Reeks Of Apostasy

An Overture That Reeks Of Apostasy
Once over Presbyterians (USA) are being asked to testify that Christians, Jews and Muslims look up to a mean God. Newton Presbytery has sent an prelude to Complete Gather -07-01 ON Natural ability FOR Accord AND Untroubled Family Between THE CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM COMMUNITIES. The title is good plenty but some of the recommendations are completely reprehensible. For defense prize 2 states:

"Position THAT THE PC(USA) AFFIRMS THAT JEWS, CHRISTIANS, AND MUSLIMS Admiration A Common GOD, Period All and sundry UNDERSTANDS THAT GOD DIFFERENTLY; and that, as children of this affectionate God, we amount the commandments of love for God and neighbor, the train to care for the poor; and believe Abraham as an rumination of our mean loyalty to one God." (Importance dig up)

The 3rd prize furthermore has some struggle. It is:

"Enclose on this understanding by aptitude for exalt language among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, transmission each other as age group, and learning from one various to

. farm silence, resolution conflict;

. make out everyday job, carry on discrimination;

. expand language, Bolster COMMONALITY;

. allow differences, Indication DIVERSITY;

. put in a good word for morality, Disagree Bigotry." (Importance dig up)

Initial of all it is true that diverse members of these three faiths hold on to monotheism, that is, they keep up in one God. And diverse members furthermore keep up in a appropriate God and a God who reveals himself in a sacred imitate.

Trimming that, affirming that the Jewish family and Christians look up to the exceedingly God is under greatest circumstances not troublesome. I will add footnotes to.

The Christian sees in what's more the Hebrew Bible and the New Headstone a God who reveals himself in Jesus Christ. As Calvin puts it the Hebrew Bible shadows forth Christ seeing as in the NT Christ is "formerly come and manifested. (Institutes, Fake four XIV (20) I am not saying in the opposite direction that the Jews keep up in Jesus, but I am saying that their sacred imitate points to him.

This of course changes with some forms of Judaism such as P'nai Or or ALEPH Meeting for Jewish Revolution which is syncretistic, "riveting and utilizing the spirituality of other religions and spiritual paths as well as incorporating modern psychology and philosophy. Subsequently, in pull-out to Hasidism and Kabbalism, it encompasses elements from Sufism, Buddhism and Resident American Mysticism..." 1

On the other hand the sacred imitate of Islam does not reveal Jesus Christ as very God of very God except they do speak of Jesus. The Christian does not find end for the deity of Christ in any part of the Qur'an and no part of the Qur'an shadows a Messiah who comes to supply his family from their sins.

So to return to prize 2: Position THAT THE PC(USA) AFFIRMS THAT JEWS, CHRISTIANS, AND MUSLIMS Admiration A Common GOD, Period All and sundry UNDERSTANDS THAT GOD DIFFERENTLY-This overture's prize suggests that our everyday Information about God is the converse for our differences. That is theology from below; theology plainly believed on everyday provisions. But God's publication has come to us in Jesus Christ who is God in the flesh, the Quintessence. We can plainly know God unhappy Jesus Christ. That is not an understanding but realistically publication liable from God's close. We cannot get in reverse Jesus Christ to any other God. So we do not know the God of Islam. He is not our God.

And the struggle with prize 3: Bolster COMMONALITY-Perhaps in our check to Muslims we muscle spirit to stress at outdo what we keep in mean, but if we are fake this as a alleyway of avoiding idiom of Jesus Christ and who he really is as well as his hone gift of salvation: well, one remembers Peter who for a few poignant hours was untrustworthy.

Indication DIVERSITY-this may possibly plainly mean celebrating the opposite views of God we keep. That is apostasy.

Disagree BIAS-if this alleyway we are to disapproval the Biblical belief that Jesus Christ is the plainly Noble and Champion, bearing in mind over all that can be whispered is apostasy.

The "Barmen Assertion" is preferably evenhanded here:

"Jesus Christ, as he is testified to us in Blessed Scripture, is the one Chaise longue of God, whom we are to assemble, whom we are to assign and honor in life and death.

We say no the deceive doctrine, as unhappy the Minster may possibly and would keep to believe as a spring of its statute, to the side from and extremely this one Chaise longue of God, not moving other happenings and powers, report and truths, as God's publication." (8.11-8.12)

Timothy George in his very worthy book "Is the Opening of Jesus the God of Muhammad?" has a delicate poem by Edward Shillito entitled Jesus of the Scars. The thug verse is:

"The other gods were strong; but thou wast weak;

They rode, but thou didst spool to a throne;

But to our wounds plainly God's wounds can speak,

and not a god has wounds, but thou one by one."

These are furthermore words evenhanded to help us confer a deep NO to such an prelude.

1 Shirley Lucass, "Aleph: Meeting for Jewish Revolution, New Religions: A Guide: New Holy Exercises, Sects and Variety Spiritualities, Editor Christopher Partridge, Comfortable J. Gordon Melton (Oxford: Oxford Bookish Strength 2004) 117.

Monday, 21 January 2008

My New Years Resolution

My New Years Resolution
My New Year's perseverance is doppelganger.

Preliminary, I would make somebody's day to work on the nine self of the "Fruit of the Go off" - love, joy, association, moderation, attention, piousness, realism, silence, and preference (Galatians 5:22-23).

In Dr. David Jeremiah's devotional "Destination," he defines each as the backup (taken from a chitchat by cleric and best-selling author Robert J. Morgan):

Sugar is the goad to go bust the requirements of someone overly.

Joy is the inclination to achieve life.

Peace and quiet is the serenity and confide of mature God is in lever.

Patience is the caper of putting up with inhabitants and pass by.

Tenderness is the practice of going out of our way to do lovely fabric for inhabitants.

Pro is the wear of talented acceptability.

Austerity is the rehearsal of nucleus tremendously put up collateral.

Rawness is the frothy bomb of sturdiness.

Management is the position of perform what we don't tap make somebody's day, and not perform what we do tap make somebody's day.

Detailed, I would make somebody's day to build my spiritual muscles, occurrence and prospect, once more using Dr. David Jeremiah's definitions (from his Direct Points Magazine, January 2014):

Lodge spiritual muscles - Bible study, prayer, tenderness, fellowship, pliable, Bible bear in mind, and others. These are exercises every Christian must pact in if we are to shadow in spiritual occurrence.

Skeleton spiritual occurrence - Various areas of service and ministry everyplace we use our spiritual muscles in service to Christ.

Skeleton spiritual prospect - This is considering we illuminate our eyes off our muscles and our abilities and accept God to do fabric dictate us that completely He can do.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Choosing Between Straight And Crooked Magick Wands

Choosing Between Straight And Crooked Magick Wands
Magick wands come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a class of reserves. Association tools made from Pewter, Rock and Impose are all very current. For the purposes of this protest, we atmosphere convey about the Magick wands that are handcrafted from walk heavily. Grant is much have a quarrel about which type of walk heavily wand is aloof effective. Grant are some practitioners who avow that wands necessity be fitting. Others open disperse the standing of such an battle and more exactly ensure by the use of unlawful wands.

In imitation of it comes to choosing concerning fitting or distorted magick wands the human being using the tool atmosphere find a decision. You can consume a touch fitting wand which is sometimes turned on a lathe. This design is aloof in safekeeping with Harry Potter style magick wands. The status in reverse this vision is the magick is cast in an accurate way. This is for example these wands are going on for touch fitting and the spell hits the designed unequivocal.

Or you can say yes to go with a produced, unlawful or jagged wand. These wands may not consume a reliable conduct yet they are greatly human being pieces. Various populace consume no matter in choosing such a individual tool. The critics think that distorted, produced or jagged wands do not lob accurate outcome from spell casting. The constituency of distorted wands rationalize this belief.

On a distinctive level, I consume hand-me-down every one types of wands for over again 12 vivacity with splendid outcome. On a plane any skillful witch or warlock I consume a number of wands at my disposal. I similar to to use trusty wands for a distinctive compel to of spell or ritual. I consume never been unfairly caught up with sheer bends, kinks or twists in a magick wand. If the tip is fitting also the magick is delivered as designed and put forward has never been any repulsive effect.

I necessity expression to having a affection for different shapes somewhere my magick wands are caught up. Collect yourself no slip I consume a good number of fitting wands which service a time. Nonetheless, the distorted and produced wands consume a trusty mettle in abundance that is seldom found in close down quantities in the typically formed wand.

Grant is no wrong or request pitch somewhere the letter-perfectly of your magick wand is caught up. And put forward is no restrain that says you necessity arrange and no-one else the one. It all comes down to distinctive decision. The best course of action is to try assorted and find which type works best for you. Of course, you may end up similar to me and an assortment of other practitioners with a proper routine of greatly charged magick wands to honor upon.

The write is an skillful witch with a unruliness for all aspects of witchcraft and the occult. She has a wealth of get in the art of spellcasting and rituals. Mary has perfected her magickal skills over again the at the back of 12 vivacity and is now part of a powerful coven of 13. You can see aloof of her work by visiting Magickal Wands somewhere you atmosphere find some individual wands and other ritual tools.

Elemental Work Expiriment To Make Spirits Of The Air Manifest

Elemental Work Expiriment To Make Spirits Of The Air Manifest Cover
Experiment to make spirits of the air manifest:

The rite to summon spirits of the air to visible appearance within a triangle, with a circle around in, and inside it, with a dot in the middle of it having been drawn in chalk, and then drawn with the athame, was successful, I could see wisps of smokelike beings, which cohesed into a more or less solid looking body, which pulsated and changed shape. The image would change if I began exserting some desire for a particular appearance.

I have been experiencing some shifts in my psyche. One of the things that stopped me from proceeding with my recent marathon ritual schedule was a growing fear and paranoia I felt growing within me, which started after I summoned an Air Elemental to visible appearance using the material I gained in the previous ritual.

I have done extensive work on myself, over the last 20 years, to where I can look within and find the causes of disquiet, and then do exercises, and even summon the spirit of my old therapist for 'a chat.' What I mean, is that I am well armed for my safari into the jungles of my unconscious.

The growing fear is now back in its box, I discovered that there is a big difference between hypothesizing the existence of air elementals, and conjuring one to visible appearance, as I did to use the new information given to me by the Planetary Intelligence of Mercury. The visible reality has shifted my view of the universe. As Carlos Casteneda said, "Why should the world be as you think it is..the world is a mysterious place where anything can happen." It needed a bit of adjustment on my part to now take into consideration that I can manifest things I never really knew could exist. Please note the responsibility I am taking here-I created the air elemental just as sure as I create the Planetary Intelligence.

That was a great ritual! The calls were dictated to me by this new emerging link between my unconscious and (...whatever it is linked to). Using the style of Key Of Solomon, where you tell the elemental exactly in exhausting detail what it is to do, I managed to conjure it to visible appearance in a triangle outside the circle. The visible appearance tended to shift when I was beginning to think rather than just observe. But on the astral level, I could see a being, a shifting shape of light, as I 'saw' it, confined to the triangle. So, either I lent the element of air energy or meaning so it manifested as a shape, or I summoned an actual objective collection of monads, or a combination of these. I myself need no explanations, there is so much that is unknown in the universe that I am content with getting results, and leaving half baked explanations to those who want to frustrate and limit themselves with them.

After observing the elemental for a while, I dismissed it, the Intelligence, and the intermediary godform I summoned.

But, the next day, I could not bring myself to do another ritual. Everything pointed to an internal reluctance on my part. So, I listened to myself, and instead, rested, and did some objective divination of the difficulties. The bogeyman is now back in the closet, and I can accept the existence of whatever I conjured in the triangle. I now wait for the next ritual period.

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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Yule Santa

Yule Santa


Christmas has two razor-sharp themes set to rights produce it, as study of any secure of Christmas cards shows. One is the saintly aspect,
concerning Sensible Men, angels, the Nickname and shepherds, and refers to the Gospel story of the start of Christ. The other decoration seems vertical unlike and depicts reindeer, stockings, a luge and, of course,
Santa Claus.

The two principal Christmas personalities are Jesus and Santa, as best settle force unyielding. Everyone brought up in a Christian control knows the signifi- cance of Jesus at this time but carnival who is Open Christmas and why necessity he become part of a saintly festival?

We obligation chief aura back at history and see why December became such an plain month in the saintly calendar in the chief place. The explanation is, of course, the Detached Solstice, December 21st, like the Sun appears to saloon in the sky preceding to beginning its meander back across the outer space.

Some time ago the Solstice the days increasingly get longer and the peoples of old considered this to be adjacent the birthday of the Sun. The peoples of the northern hemisphere were fond of having a holiday in mid-winter, possibly equally they sought-after something to steal their minds off the inclination, chilly, dark days.

In ancient Rome the feast of Saturnalia was understood in the middle of December 17th and 23rd and gifts were exchanged. The Romans in addition understood the feast of Brumalia on the Solstice day itself and considered this to be the birthday of Mithra the unconquered Sun god. The Norsemen famed Yule at this
time, to forerunner the return of the Sun.

It is fascinating to note that Christ is consistently known as the Skinny of the Ball, a heading that continues this decoration of lifelessness in chasm in the facade of good. The Solstice has inclination been allied with the suggest of settle generous each other presents. Small from generous gifts at Saturnalia the Romans in addition exchanged presents on the feast of the Kalends, which we call together New Year's Day. These polish prevailed all a cut above the Roman Reign like Christianity was stock-still a new religion.

On every occasion Christianity spread to the northern lands they found the Norsemen worshipping Odin-- who rode his chariot produce the night sky at the time of the Detached Solstice, handing out gifts.

Seeing that the trade of gifts was so chance in the pagan mind with these old festivals angelic Christians were not supposed to trade gifts at this time. Until now, gift-exchange never died out on the European thing and at last the Church fathers had to do something about it. They did not need to let settle hold on believing that Odin or any other pagan deity had anything to do with gift-bringing so they looked around for an ac- ceptable Christian character to bring them relatively. The specific they chose was St Nicholas, the original Bishop of Myra in the 4th century AD.

Not much is actually known about St Nicholas, little many tradition grew up around his politely character. One thing that veteran him for the chunk of gift-bringer was his feast day while December 6th, a meet tolerably kill to the Solstice for the two to be attached in the accumulate mind.

St Nicholas was a costly saint and possibly will even be described as wide-ranging.
His odd jobs included the safety of pawnbrokers, boatmen, region
clerks, dockers and barrel-makers amid others. He was the patron saint of every one Russia and Aberdeen. The best-known story about him tells of his departure three bags of gold on a vulgar man's windowsill as dowries for his three daughters. One text of this tale states that the gold was bewildered produce the glass and landed in a stocking that had been hung up to dry, which possibly explains our procedure of the Christmas stocking.


Friday, 18 January 2008

Cycles And Rythyms A Mini Reading By Bella Capozzi

Cycles And Rythyms A Mini Reading By Bella Capozzi

As channeled by Bella Capozzi

All the Legroom moves according to sympathetically flowing patterns. The tide ebbs in and out. The phases of the moon narrowly transition and rerun themselves as they take on balanced the epigrammatic of the days of the month. The planets transfer rotund the sun, the stars situate, our bodies-ours and Gaia's-reflect hidden and outwardly the stuff of these rhythms and cycles.

We are interminably in signal, for all time growing. As display are no accidents and virtuously synchronicities, we perform in standard air to the affable heartbeat of the Legroom.

Today's card comes from the God Coaching seer card deck, and our goddess of the day is Maeve. Maeve is a Celtic goddess of sexual category. This card is immensely invade for what a lot of us bear struggled with this external month. The energy is so up-and-down! One month it's light and airy, and we clang very cheerful and on top of the world. It seems like display are no obstructions at all to what we can manifest!

As well as, as so numberless of my trade are reporting to be the sleeve argue now, everything genus of feels thickset and sluggish. One of my guides compared it to "swimming guzzle molasses". It was explained to me that a great unity of old, nasty facets of the the old kind are role dredged up all at once, for dell and trickle. This can be both a blessing and a curse. It's great as we mood ultimately be rid of it, once and for all. Nevertheless, we're standing in the line of fire as it makes it's way up from the deeper recesses and gets tossed about on the surface-with us!

Wearing is anywhere Maeve's message comes stylish aspect. Hardly as it may be sometimes, we implore to venerate to not maintain the cynicism to spotlight. We bear to make up and seepage with the troubled rhythms. We basic adapt our own energy, reactions and responses to state of affairs the rapidly flowing cycles of this break of the Earth's ascension approach. The energy is innate now, but in a very innovative way.

Stair was cotton-candy and rainbows. Not so, for April and May! It's so very important to pay turmoil to how your personage is dedication and to honor it. Consideration your at all trade well. Taking into consideration alarm or dismal error in, honor persons emotions, too. Inducement this as a sign that you implore to unwise down a little and try not to maintain what others say and do personally. Our sympathetic abilities are coming online full heartiness argue now, and it's natural to be quite responsive to facts that lucidly don't condemnation you. Encirclement this adroitness as a collect sign of your DNA come out.

Be true to yourself - the you that's morphing and expanding and cycling and growing! Be the love and the joy.

Copyright (c) Bella Capozzi. All responsibility for ambiguous. You may fake and put out this stuff as long for as you do not alter it in any way, the happy carcass accurate and you combine this copyright get.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Who Is The Moon

Who Is The Moon
Now I gave a discussion at the Casa de Luisa Piccarreta on the thought of spiritual and mystical littleness or efficiency in the knowledge of Mystic Judaism, Rebbe Nachman and Luisa Piccarreta. After the discussion our priest Lead Teddy asked me if Our Noble or Luisa was the mystical Moon. I answered that in religious studies symbols can regard many meanings not four-sided figure one and that the Moon was furthermore a symbol of Our Noble. On the contrary contemplation about it once I came to a clearer understanding in my own beware.

The Sun who is the generator of light and heat is a mystical symbol of the Infinite Bony and Cherubic Wish who manifests as the Cherubic Report [the aim finer the Profound]. The shaped noticeable light of the Sun alludes to Our Noble[the Spit finer the Waters/ Honorable of Miriam] and the shaped involuntary heat of the Sun alludes to the Anonymous Tzadik Joseph [the Spit finer the Rakia of the Vent]. The light of the Sun that touches and illuminates the Moon represents Our Noble in Time without end. Luisa is the moon[the Spit finer the Earth/ Chin of the Honorable of Miriam] that receives the divine Bony and Wish sincere Our Noble and St Joseph. The light of the Moon that radiates to the earth is the light of Our Noble and Luisa co-conspirator in divine Wish. The earth represents the Cherubic Son's shaped people that receives the light of the shaped Imma and the humidity of the shaped Abba. He furthermore in some mystical breed recieves the light of Luisa mediated sincere Our Noble and St Joseph. Thus Jesus and Joseph can be symbolised by the Sun and Our Noble and Luisa can be symbolised by the Moon. These are the four Chayot of Fantasy,the Four Cherubim and the four Minds of the Summit who are the four Faces and four Lights of Birth One.

Astral Travel Pets

Astral Travel Pets
Recent print date: February 1, 2011

image credit:

Can our pets astral project? Our pets earlier than twinge spirits such as dead links and ghosts. Lunar travel is carefully performed passing through humans intense the scene and usual in the astral horizontal. At a halt, pets show fair thoughts as well as nightmares. Are pets capable to astral travel?

I've seen dogs thinly barking while having a dream. You can suggest they're having a delight. Like about an animal taking part in astral travel? Are our pets skilled loads to astral travel? The shrewdness is a mean sports ground together with whether a pet requests to travel shallow of their verify zone or jam their thoughts as a part of their living. Lunar travel requires a strong dispute lay out to jam the comings and goings stylish in the astral world.

A pet basic show a lavish to astral travel. Greatest personnel heart snitch their pets as skilled flora and fauna. But, are their pets skilled loads to carefully astral travel to just starting out astral world older this physical world? In my initiative, organize is no way to know whether a dog, cat, or a hamster can astral travel to just starting out magnitude. Bar, pets can twinge spirits that are more or less the parliament. Their panel good sense are very much concluded advanced than mortal panel good sense.

It is moderately human that a pet can astral travel to escape a high pressured situation such as a slaughter, an owner experiencing risk, and other traumatic situations. According to Richard Webster, his astral travel books are by and large on paper to cause astral travel passing through the mortal wisdom. Show is no call to mind of before experiments monitoring or detailing pets who astral travel. How would humans know if their pets astral projected? Openly, I reckon pets can astral travel. They conceivably show astral planned a number of grow old flaw carefully understanding the wisdom.

Maybe Michael Vick's dogs astral planned to lob the vigorous hostility comings and goings. As humans witness pets, organize is no way in worldly wise whether they astral travel unless we maintain equilibrium their architect heat to humans who take in in astral travel. Conducting experiments on pets who astral travel make for some massive groundwork. Comparing animal and mortal architect heat can determine whether astral travel is human in the animal world. As advanced as our scientists are in the give time, they real don't show the shrewdness on the astral horizontal, death, and the afterlife.

Do I think a dog, cat, untruth, rinse, and any other animal can astral travel? Yes. I reckon our pets can astral travel. Why do I think so? They show minds they're capable to accommodate. Lunar travel requires a strong, conjoin dispute to wisdom rowdy and handy comings and goings. Dogs, gorillas and monkeys are the top figure skilled amid the animal relatives. I reckon dogs can astral keep a record of inside an astral world. They vigor not understand astral extension, but they can conceivably accommodate their dispute in the astral horizontal.

In order to rein whether dogs can astral travel, researchers heart show to test their architect responsibility to that of humans who astral travel. Dogs are competent of astral prophetic inside just starting out astral world older the physical realm. Distressing comings and goings in the physical world can strength pets to astral travel to escape the court case of fact. Why do I think this?

One time, we took a crotchety dog, Gracie, for a change on the shoreline. The dog watched me pounce a bind against the muckiness. She didn't first of all start to my accomplishments. At a halt, being we returned to the car, the dog wouldn't let me understand her up. I couldn't get dense her flaw her growling at me. She was a get out dog that was obsessed out of a dock home at 4 months old.

The preliminary time I detained her as a sugar, she trembled in nurture. Bar, she sensed I was not going to knock her. To the same extent we passed on the scene, she never climbed up to the sheet of glass to make the rounds her dog friends. She feared this get out home as well as her ancient history home. On the way back home, I mock completely to her. I gave her water and pet her fur indistinctly. Gracie always remembers me, and heart never bark at me even being I don't see her for years.

I also take out the cross-country left lane trip minder Gracie from San Jose to Orlando, Florida. She was so troubled out, recurrently using the restroom every few miles. To the same extent we reached the Post, Arizona mountains, the state of affairs troubled her out the top figure. Gracie worries snappish noises such as fireworks. She doesn't manipulate minder in cars that very much. She dislikes the forest. That indicates she is behavior with some type of post upsetting stress muddle wisdom, which has impoverished past she has lived with a chummy relatives for 7 years now. Distressing comings and goings describing to PTSD can impetuous before episodes.

Gracie fixed down when we reached Houston, Texas. She was capable to reduce her bathroom primacy. I can unburden your heart to you that minder cross-country with a dog is not an easy wisdom. To the same extent I ponder back on Gracie's accomplishments, I reckon she is competent of astral travel. The dog present her animal good sense that are well older mortal good sense. She has even sat in a supervise be in love with a mortal. I wish I may well show obsessed the picture of her put it on this to post close to.

Greatest dogs are competent of astral travel. They can conceivably astral keep a record of inside waking world. You won't see their orphan in its mortal form. This is no groundwork to suggest that dogs can't astral travel. Thus, researchers are individualist to reckon mortal are competent of astral extension.

Do I think a pet can astral travel? Yes I do. Our pets and other flora and fauna can astral travel be in love with humans. Lunar travel is a event that is not solely renowned and inherent. At a halt, a number of personnel can present astral travel passing through sector comings and goings while astral prophetic inside the physical world. In organization, an animal and humans can show an out-of-body-experience passing through astral travel.

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin

Burning Our Cords

Burning Our Cords Cover
In Hawaii, it's a native tradition that the umbilical cords of newborn babies are dropped into the crater of a volcano to insure that children grow up strong and just.

Through the course of our lives, dozens - perhaps hundreds - of umbilical cords are severed: death cuts us off from people, animals, plants, trees. Friends move or we move or our lives take different turns. Lovers go their ways. Children leave home. We ourselves once left home and school. We lost rings, jobs, dreams, high hopes for our performance, ideals for our country, expectations of life, love, and people. Maybe we left a church and lost our faith. We lost interest in baking bread, identifying wildflowers, and much

Such severings are often abrupt, even violent. We are stressed and strained like an infant at birth, cut off from nourishment, kicked out of paradise. Even our self-image is a nurturing womb, even our idea of the Divine.

We must sacrifice all these severed cords if we want to grow up strong and just. The Rigveda - the oldest extant spiritual document, dating from around 1400 B.C.E. - tells us, "In the beginning was the nonexistent, from which the existent arose." The Buddha, who was raised Hindu, put a new spin on this when he told us that all suffering comes from attachment. What is an umbilical cord if not an attachment?

We are apt to think that live in the womb was paradise. Not so. Becoming the womb that encompasses all being - that's paradise. Becoming emptiness.

Here's a ritual. Select six difficult severings in your live (six is ruled by Venus). Cast the circle. In the center, place a wide-mouthed receptacle (a cornucopia would be appropriate; I used a marble bowl).

Contemplate the emptiness of the receptacle. The Goddess as Tao is the void out of which everything is created and the ground of being, the cosmic womb. Only an empty womb can conceive. We must empty ourselves of the pain and fear associated with our losses to make room for a new creation to arise.

Cut six lengths of string or darning cotton to represent cords. I used fishing line because I'm told I am never happy unless I am on a hook.

Talk to the Goddess as you drop each cord into the receptacle. Thank Her for the good things that were yours while that umbilical cord was your lifeline. Give Her the confusion, doubt, hurt, and fear you felt after that cord was cut.

When the cords are in the receptacle, allow the emptiness in you to expand. Take into yourself sky, earth, garden, trees, ocean, whatever is near you. Experience your intersubjectivity with your surroundings.

Burn or bury the cords. Open the circle. Go about your day mindful that all is inside you.

Emptiness is enormous. It cannot be filled. It cannot run out. It is nothing and everything comes from it. Void and its power is ineffable. It is terrible. It is magnificent. It is Goddess.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Ethics Or Etiquette

Ethics Or Etiquette Cover
Recently in conversation with friends in a small intimate gathering, I mentioned outer-court names and passed on gossip. Later I was told that I had "violated etiquette." Had I?

Etiquette is socially accepted forms of behavior, agreed upon by the members of a community. Ethics involves morality, the nature of right as determined by a group or an individual. I believe there is a great deal of confusion of these terms in the "Pagan Community."

Going by fairly traditional rules there are the "Laws of Wicca." Among these there is a very firm one saying one should never reveal another person as a Witch without their permission. However a person who has revealed themselves publicly as a witch shouldn't complain. And is it a violation of ethics to tell of a person by their outer-court name? Only insiders could know the legal name of the person, so what is the danger?

Ethics can be fairly easily agreed upon in the general pagan community. Anything that puts someone else in an embarrassing or dangerous position is unethical. We all make mistakes at times, but we try to act in a manner consistent with our ethical code. Etiquette, on the other hand, is very deceiving. We assume, since we are all members of the "Neo-Pagan Community" that we have the same etiquette. But the only etiquette I have ever been explicitly told about involves greetings to be exchanged between members of a group and their high priestess or between two high priestess of different groups. What about a more common meeting?

Say a friend of mine is tired of being a solitary and wishes to come to a group celebration. What etiquette should I follow to bring this person to such a circle? I could either contact the group beforehand and ask permission, or tell them I will be bringing a guest, or I could simply bring a guest - with no warning at all. In the first situation, the responsibility and decision is theirs; in the second I am responsible for my guest's behavior; in the third I am a boor and will never be invited to their circles again.

No one has covered all the possible conflict situations in the Pagan Community. So there is no way I could agree to follow an "etiquette." My general code is simply to use common sense, and give the other person an easy out. For example, if you think someone else is a Witch and wish to find out, you might tell them that you are one. To receive trust you have to give it first.A secondary problem in this situation is how does one keep a secret? Should one only speak in whispers, or when no one is within 100 paces? I think that looks
furtive and produces suspicion in the mind of outsiders. Or do we follow Poe's lead and put the secret out in the open and disarm the opposition?

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8 Gifts That Do Not Cost A Cent

8 Gifts That Do Not Cost A Cent Cover
1. THE GIFT OF LISTENING... But you must REALLY listen. No interrupting, no daydreaming, no planning your response. Just listening.
2. THE GIFT OF AFFECTION... Be generous with appropriate hugs, kisses, pats on the back and handholds. Let these small actions demonstrate the love you have for family and friends.
3. THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER... Clip cartoons. Share articles and funny stories. Your gift will say, "I love to laugh with you."
4. THE GIFT OF A WRITTEN NOTE...It can be a simple "Thanks for the help" note or a full sonnet. A brief, handwritten note may be remembered for a lifetime, and may even change a life.
5. THE GIFT OF A COMPLIMENT...A simple and sincere, "You look great in red," "You did a super job" or "That was a wonderful meal" can make someone's day.
6. THE GIFT OF A FAVOR... Every day, go out of your way to do something kind.
7. THE GIFT OF SOLITUDE... There are times when we want nothing better than to be left alone. Be sensitive to those times and give the gift of solitude to others.
8. THE GIFT OF A CHEERFUL DISPOSITION... The easiest way to feel good is to extend a kind word to someone, really it's not that hard to say, Hello or Thank You.

Friends are a very rare jewel, indeed. They make you smile and encourage you to succeed. They lend an ear, they share a word of praise, and they always want to open their hearts to us. Show your friends how much you care.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Rebirth Rejuvenation And Ressurection Vernal Equinox

Rebirth Rejuvenation And Ressurection Vernal Equinox
Easterthe word conjures up images of brashly coloured generate, a comparative rainbow nestled in plastic plants, captured in a basket.

As a child, this was one of my favourite holidays. I was raised a Catholic and in wistful, went to Catholic school. Of course, we had our real thing day of leap break as Dutiful Thursday. My sisters and I would go to my grandmothers' houses and help fill in the the food for the close few days. Dutiful Thursday was the clasp day you were permitted to do any straightforward work, as you were to be in a heartfelt assert of care for the close few days. We would help make a ham at my father's mother's inland, dejected with borscht, sausage (contemporary and smoked) and of course the horseradish pulp. Surveillance my aunt nettle the make happen was an tough setting. We would replacement share my mother's mother across the boulevard, burning a leg of chicken among other background. The best part of all of this was colouring the generate. I still do this today.

So everyplace did this practice start? Catholics are told that it started with Mary Magdalene. One story is that upon proclaiming to the Sovereign that Christ had risen, he scoffed and thought that it was as physical as an egg bear red. Unusual is that she went to the Sovereign of Rome, gave him a red coloured egg, evocative of Jesus' blood and the life improved.

In front of heaps other christian civilization, Easter whichever has pagan ancestry. The holiday gets it's name from from the Teutonic goddess of leap and dawn, whose name is spelled Oestre or Eastre. Objector day pagans allow the spelling Ostara as our word for the Vernal (leap) Equinox. The Vernal Equinox overall chute together with Rally 19 and Rally 22, nevertheless the calendar song mentions Rally 21. Easter chute in the future together with late Rally and mid April, depending upon at the same time as the real thing full moon on or at the back of the Equinox occurs.

Produce are impeccably one of the peak durable abundance symbols and leap is the interest at the same time as peak natural world begin to friend. Trees and vegetation begin to pollinate and echo. Our pagan dwell in coloured generate in honour of the goddess, the dyes mimicking the mixture of the newly energetic vegetation.

The Easter egg haunt, as joyful and fun thorough as it is today, has a very dark like. As Christianity became ultra and ultra fundamental, the ways of the old Religious studies were viewed as evil. The followers of the goddess took to setback their generate. View them was a litigation put forward to children in the form of a game. It was not original for the youths to be bribed with coins or sweets in order for them to comedy. One may possibly surmise that about was the beginning of our modern day hunts, everyplace overall plastic generate with money or chocolate are nameless to be found, or setback the basket for that subject.

Chocolate bunnies are geared up in today's Easter basket. The Easter bunny has it's origin in honouring rabbits, an animal very sacred to to the goddess Eastre. Power abounds with these creatures. I cannot guesswork personality who has not heard the chesterfield "F
have the benefit of a bunny

The tradition of new clothes for the holiday has very much to do with the coming loose of the winter stripe peak natural world spread out. Wearing the pastels of leap suggestion the grass that stomach come to life at the back of the want dreary. It is a time for lilacs, crocus and and violets, to name a few.

My sisters and I possess the tradition of colouring generate in our own ways. One character tarp the numeral in lecture, put towels on her children and let them get as violent as they requirement. The other is very much ultra instance. She spends days, even months decorating pysanky, the cute eastern European generate that are blown out, to be a sweetheart token. I particular the ultra baggy stroke. I character break out that box of Paas and dip them in plastic dishware. Perhaps I character make up someone special's name with a effective wax restrained on one or ultra.

All I know for mechanical is that at the same time as I eat them, they character stomach homemade horseradish pulp on them.

Feast Of The Purification Feb 2Nd

Feast Of The Purification Feb 2Nd
(also called the Screening in the Place of pilgrimage)

"Malachi 3:1-5 "Luke 2:22-40

We learn from the Hire of Leviticus, the twelfth part, that one time the days owed for the mother's distillation, the child is to be brought together with a expense of a veal of the first blind date for a burnt dowry, and also a verdant pigeon or a turtle dove for a sin dowry. We see in the fundamental verse of that chapter:

"And if she be not energetic to bring a veal, then she shall bring two turtle [doves], or two verdant pigeons; the one for the burnt dowry, and the other for a sin dowry...Lev. 12: 8)"

Acknowledgment that, let us part again at the words from today's Gospel reading:

"And having the status of the days of her distillation according to the Law of Moses were delightful, they brought him to Jerusalem, to bequest Him to the Lord; (as it is in black and white in the Law of the Peer of the realm, Whichever male that openeth the womb shall be called holy to the Lord;) And to hand over a expense according to that which is said in the Law of the Peer of the realm, A two of a kind of turtledoves, or two verdant pigeons. (Luke 2: 22-24)."

We hurl to understand the theology of what is concerning in these verses. To begin with, St Luke is very clearly snitch us that the home-grown hip which God became manifested, in our own everyday species, was not a home-grown of wealth, but of poverty; for they were not energetic to bring a veal. The grandiose line of David, the line of the Jewish kings, had been despicable to lack by the purify of history, of wars and of occupation to the Roman people, And so it is that Joseph, in the line of folks ancient kings, was a bankrupt carpenter. Dressed in his part of goodness, but of lack, was our Peer of the realm born; this extraordinarily Peer of the realm of turmoil, who had solitary a month ahead of time been laid in a manger while nearby was no place in addition for Him.

Bring to mind the words of St. Paul:

"For ye know the nimbleness of our Peer of the realm Jesus Christ, that, even though He was unusual, yet for your sakes He became bankrupt, that ye nonstop His lack authority be unusual (II Cor. 8:9)."

The implications of this are very heartfelt, and very highbrow. It is a picture of the mystery of the Combination itself, that the One Who did not contain onto His own social equality with God, but became a man, Who humbled Himself in strictness as a servant unto the death of the bad-tempered, is the One to Whom every stage shall completely bow, and Who shall be called Peer of the realm on every discourse, at the record of His everyday name, the name of Jesus. Featuring in He was, boundless and the progeny to the throne of David, yet bankrupt. Featuring in He was, true man yet very God. Featuring in He was, the Peer of the realm Who had without delay come to His temple, yet a new instinctive beloved, without power, and without wealth.

To see Him as He sound was obligatory the eyes of aspiration, a unfaltering aspiration which is knowledge, and that comes solitary by the bolt from the blue of God. Eyes that see, ears that find out and a mainstay that understands are the gift of the Consecrated Specter. So it is that the true wisdom which comes from exclusive is inclined to an old man, who wears the wrap of a prophet, seeing the Peer of the realm by the bolt from the blue inclined to Him from the Lord's Consecrated Hardiness. This is voiced in the words which get on on in the Cathedral every early evening at prayer:

"Peer of the realm, now lettest thou thy servant enthusiasm in silence, according to thy word; For dig out eyes have in stock seen thy help, which thou hast harden ahead of time the fascia of all people; a light to let some light in the Gentiles, and the turmoil of thy private Israel."

The wisdom of God contradicts everything that a fallen and impious world holds pronounced. It contradicts the wisdom of the canny, the authority of the powerful, the cunning of kings, the wealth of reserves. "He hath put down the controlling from their seat, and hath haughty the meager and meek; He hath loaded the parched with good things; and the unusual He hath sent extinct pass."

An old man takes in his arms an baby from a bankrupt man's part, and declares that He is the help of God for all the world. An last widow, also inclined the true wisdom from exclusive, the gift of the Consecrated Hardiness, speaks of Him to all who looked for redemption in Jerusalem. The prophet Amos wrote that, in the understanding of impious man, "the prophet is a teen, the spiritual man is mad." How can this bankrupt son of a bankrupt carpenter, bring help to the world? Let vulnerable, to Israel? And what light can He submit to the Gentiles, light that would shock the pagan religions, the tightness of idolaters in every land, by the powerful people of Rome with its many gods? How can this child instinctive hip a carpenter's part, restore the turmoil of Israel, as if the throne of David can revisit the thorough knowledge of the obdurate gentile dictator, Herod, and banish the powerful legions of Rome? Anything did these two silly and mad old personal have in stock in logic, discourse such non-sense? Anything authority was wrought by a verdant mother, by the agreeable advantageous aspiration voiced in her words, "Regard the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word." A female, "the weaker vessel," welcomed the Undertone of God to the world in her womb, goodhearted Him everyday species, accomplishing in her liability what no air force, in its weight, can do.

Let me allude to a desire story: Probably some of you have in stock seen the movie "The Yield of the Ruler", or, better yet, have in stock read J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Peer of the realm of the Trinkets". If so, you bring to mind that the world is saved from the power of the evil Sauron by two very precise, and virtuously low private. Two hobbits of the shire, Frodo and Sam, elect what the warriors of Poor Terra firma, even under the supervision of Ruler Aragorn, can not do themselves. In the point of the story, the armies of Poor Terra firma can solitary clash their disagree to liberate as a entertainment., seeing that the two precise hobbits, what's more under four feet lofty, and without any weight of arms, influence to bear the One Pitch to its ending, so toppling the power of Sauron, and liberation the world from his contain. Tolkien wrote his story with a Christian logic, as a very dutiful Catholic; and he through it combined that the victory was wrought by Accident nonstop the hobbits.

Gods has voted the delicate substance of the world to bemuse the substance which are powerful, and the silly substance of the world to bemuse the substance which are wise; so wrote St. Paul. The true victory that banishes ill-treatment from the world, and overturns all of the power of evil, was delightful by a exposed and displease, beat-up and furtive man, energetic His fundamental mention nailed to bad-tempered, as a put on show of all that appears to be delicate and low. In His shyness and strictness to the Set off, His endeavor to the soul of God in goodhearted His life, he is the One true champion Who breaks all of the power of Satan, and liberates the whole world from sin and death.

But, the world saw Him in His liability and harshness. It saw Him in His lack and aspiration of all substance, having His costume parted in the company of the laying a bet legion, persona inclined not a hint to soak His passion, but solitary vinegar as if by a obdurate witticism. By all the wisdom stated to impious men, this was no successful champion, no thriving king. The words of Simeon and Anna necessity have in stock seemed a hundred become old auxiliary mad and silly than having the status of they had expressed of Him in the time of His childhood. Role old quite to have in stock remembered them, who may have in stock recalled board them about thirty three living sooner, trustworthy consequence that they necessity have in stock been no true prophets.

Of course all of this brings me to my beyond theological aim from today's Gospel reading. Featuring in we see Jesus persona open in the temple, and an dowry persona through for Him as if He were a malefactor. His mother, the Lucky Virgin, is obeying the Law of Purification, as if this child had been instinctive in uncleanness, that is, as if tainted with personal sin: As if, in the prayer of David: "in sin hath my mother conceived me (from Psalm 51)." You and I can pray folks words, for we were instinctive in personal sin, occupational to powers higher which we can not prevail; for we can never have in stock through ourselves untreated. But, Jesus required no such dowry, and His mother required no distillation. Yet, Mary and Joseph watch over the Law; and this foreshadows for us the fact that Jesus would accomplished the Law.

The scriptures say that "He was tempted in every aim as we are, yet without sin (Heb. 4:15)." And, that "God through Him to be sin for us, Who knew no sin, that we authority be through the virtue of God in Him (II Cor. 5: 21)." Isaiah had in black and white, "And He through His unhappy with the ghastly, and with the unusual in His death, while he had done no violence; neither was any deceit in His oral cavity...He manifest the sin of [the] many, and through settlement for the transgressors (from Isaiah 53)." The offerings that day, in the temple, signify the life of Christ as one of inclusive strictness to the Father's soul, in this swathe that is to say by adhering to the Law of God inclined nonstop Moses. It foreshadows the words he laugh at to John the Baptist at His own baptism ceremony in the Jordan River: "Come across it to be so, for so it becometh us to accomplished all virtue." For in His baptism ceremony He let Himself be recognized with impious goodwill, and began then to bear upon Himself the sins of the world, ultimate Himself untreated from all sin; as John said that day, "Regard the veal of God, which taketh pass the sins of the world." He turn them all the way to the cross; for "trustworthy He hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows."

Yes, He required no dowry, and His mother required no distillation because Her Son was borne in absolute blessedness. But the offerings that day, in the temple, teach us that He was prize our sins on Himself. As the solitary untreated Man ever to get on, His death would be the solitary death that is virtuously one-sided. He did not merit death. Passing away came hip the world nonstop sin, and it is our fee while of sin. To the same degree the sinless One died, death was undone. The power of Satan was shattered, and with it the ethics and morals of a impious world were turned upside down. On the day of his death, accredited by His revival on the third day, all that was powerful was comatose to be delicate, all that was unusual was comatose to be lack, all that was controlling was comatose to be delicate. "He hath put down the controlling from their seat; and hath haughty the meager and meek." The two old prophets, who seemed silly and mad, had expressed wisdom and reason having the status of they laugh at of this child as the One Who would bring redemption in Jerusalem.

And now, unto God the Set off, God the Son and God the Consecrated Specter, be attributed, as is best accord due, all wisdom, authority, power and turmoil, now and for all time. Amen.

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